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LED Truck Media Uses Bento for Business Gas Cards to Keep Ads in Motion

LED Truck Media is an advertising company unlike any other. It operates a network of 50 mobile billboards in the United States featuring lights, motion, and music. The company needed gas cards for its drivers, who are located in 50 cities across the United States. Bento for Business eliminated the headaches the company had with keeping its vehicles fuelled.

Those Beautiful LED Truck Media Trucks

The company’s trucks feature three super bright LED video screens that show on-demand audio and video. They are primarily used for out-of-home advertising, but they can be used at special events, too. Trucks can show media streams, ranging from movies and sports to live streams of events captured by cameras set up on site or flown by drone. They can show streams of online gaming or work as digital prize wheels and slot machines. LED Truck Media’s public relations and creative teams can help clients with brand ambassador programs, trade show events, and unique public experiences.

None of these amazing programs is possible if drivers can’t get the trucks where they need to be. Trucks need gas, and figuring out how to keep them full was a challenge. Gas cards are one solution, but not the first thing that the company tried.

Looking for Gas Cards

Julie de Souza, the company’s co-founder, tried a few different things before looking into gas cards. “Before we started with Bento, our system was complicated,” she says. “Drivers would call me and ask for gas money, and I would have to send it using Zelle. It was a nightmare, working like that. That’s why we needed something different, where drivers don’t need to call me and ask for it, because maybe I’m unavailable. So I needed to find a solution.”

She did research into other options. She considered a traditional gas card but didn’t want to access her credit to apply for the oil company offerings. When she talked to her bank, she found that they offered corporate debit cards, but with no controls other than dollar limits. She didn’t want to give drivers full access to her company’s bank account.

De Souza knew that she wasn’t the only business owner with this problem. She figured that someone had a solution, so she kept looking until she found Bento for Business. It solved her problems.  “I’ve been using the cards for less than a year. I’m saving time and headaches,” de Souza says.

The Solution? Bento for Business

The drivers are happy using Bento gas cards, too. “They have their card, and they don’t have to call me to ask for money,” de Souza says. “It’s perfect for them. It gives them freedom. And I can still check their transactions, so it’s great.”

As the company expands its services and finds more uses for its mobile advertising platform, it may need drivers to spend more money on the company’s behalf. Unlike gas cards, Bento for Business cards can be configured to cover any expenses that an employee might incur, on the days that they need to spend and for the amounts in the budget. “I really like it because I can make sure my drivers are using it for certain things, so if they’re, say, going to the mall and buying clothes instead of buying gas, I can turn it off,” de Souza says.

We’re glad that we can help LED Mobile Trucks, and we’re looking forward to seeing them at events in Chicago this summer.

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