In the business arena, expansion is survival. Companies that fail to grow inevitably find themselves falling behind the pack, and no market foothold is impervious to a well-equipped, agile competitor.

Sure, you’ve got a great business plan and a winning strategy, but big ideas aren’t the only important success factors that you should be concerned about. Sometimes, it’s all about refining the fundamentals, and switching to a business MasterCard that works like a debit card is the smartest way to step up your payment game.

What is a business MasterCard?

MasterCard business cards aren’t the newest technology on the block, but they’re evolving to keep up with the way business gets done. Contemporary payment cards still let you do the vast majority of the things that you normally would, such as paying vendors for shipments, funding corporate trips and keeping the office full of supplies. Nowadays, however, you no longer have to settle for high interest rates, long-winded credit applications or confusing end-of-the-month accounting cycles that leave you blind to your bottom line.

How can you use a business MasterCard for your business needs?

Today’s companies are increasingly decentralized and fleet-footed. To stay competitive, you need solutions that let you conduct transactions at the employee, department or team level: This is the only way to do business on the go, broaden your operating footprint and capture vital leads.
Need a few pointers on using a MasterCard for your business? Try these clever tips:

  • Why dip into the cash drawer whenever your employees need money in the hopes that they’ll bring back your change? Instead, just hand out individual cards with specific limits.
  • Preload cards for yourself and other executives. This simple act teaches you how your leaders’ spending habits might be impacting the company so that you can institute a more pervasive corporate culture of responsibility
  • Set up different cards for specific purchase types or accounts. Next, use the cards’ built-in reporting apps to paint a more accurate picture of how your organization applies its funds.
  • Set up card spending alerts to stay aware of potential fraud situations and stop them before they get out of hand.

What are some of the advantages of modern reloadable payment solutions?

Unlike normal credit cards, you can get a Bento for Business account started without a credit check. Since you’re not borrowing money, you don’t have to deal with credit limits or penalties, and this goes a long way towards helping you avoid bad debt that might cripple your rating.

Another potential benefit comes in the form of fraud control: You can limit the size, location and types of purchases that individual card users make, and secure technologies like SSL help fight fraud. In other words, you don’t have to worry about a misguided employee ruining your chances at securing future lending or jeopardizing your hard-earned reputation.
Improving productivity is a huge benefit of business MasterCards. Since you can depend on these tools to check unhealthy spending practices, you get to concentrate on more important things, which comes in handy if you’re still a small firm.

How will you put your MasterCard business card to the test?

MasterCard solutions like Bento for Business make it easy to experiment until you perfect your corporate ledger skills. Whether you’re in it for the $250,000 of FDIC insurance, trying to stop internal theft or just fed up with profit-hurting fees, refillable debit options represent the chance to succeed in new ways. See where secure payment freedom can take you by calling 866 289 1104 or starting a complimentary 60-day trial.

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