Bento Vs Brex

Superior on all fronts

What is Bento for Business?

Bento For Business is an intuitive, debit card-based business spend management platform that helps small businesses save time, money, and effort when it comes to managing their expenses.

Our solutions stack allows you to manage your small business expenses in real-time with our AI-driven spend management platform and industry-leading controls and reconciliation tools.

Relax and enjoy the ease of Bento's transparency on your expenses. We make sure that your employees will have access to the funds that they need - according to the limits that you set for your business's bottom line.

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Bento for Small Businesses​

As a small business owner, keeping your expenditure in check and within reasonable limits is of top priority. You may wear many hats – an accountant, talent manager, operations manager, etc. But with all the inevitable expenses day in and day out, it may be difficult to keep tabs on expenses and manage cash flow. Bento helps you navigate ALL of that and more. We’ll hold your hand throughout the process and consistently innovate to find new ways to make managing business spend even easier!

What’s the difference between Bento and Brex?

Well, the difference is in EVERYTHING

Here’s why you need a spend management tool

As a small business owner, it can be hard for you to keep track of your companies’ business expenses all the time. It’s much easier and more efficient to have a tracking and management system in place that helps you stay within your budget so that you can focus your attention on running your business.

Who can sign up for Bento?

Legally registered US businesses with a verifiable physical location in the US can sign up for Bento. However, due to business category restrictions imposed by The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC, we do have some categories of businesses that are restricted from using Bento’s services. Here is the information on what you’ll need to sign up for Bento.

Who is the best person in your
company to use Bento?

Bento for Business platform is an easy-to-use intuitive one that is suitable for:



Scale your expense management with better decision-making and real-time data capture and reporting. Use our customizable spend management tools to generate a positive Return on Investment (ROI) and ensure operational efficiency.


Accountants/Controllers & Budget Administrators

Enable a healthy spend culture with spend policies built into your cards and consolidate all business-related expenses onto one platform. This gives you visibility and control into truly managing your cash flow better.



Yes, your employees can use the platform too! Save them valuable time from having to file expense reports and go through the lengthy process of claiming reimbursements. Just issue them a card that is pre-approved for specific use cases and you and your employees are free from unnecessary processes. It’s as easy as using the card and uploading the receipt!

Here’s what one of our top customers has to say about us


“Having a Bento account is a great way to give employees an expense card without having to add them to a major credit card account. You can set daily limits and controls”

Making the switch is a breeze

Regardless of the plan you’re interested in, Bento lets you try before you buy, because we’re that confident you’ll love us. Sign up for our 60-day Free Trial today or schedule a Demo with one of our solutions experts to see how Bento can be customized to suit your business needs.

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