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Bento is helping small business owners to spend more time on growth, products, and employees rather than sorting out bills, expenses and unpaid invoices

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Small businesses and nonprofits build American communities. Our expense management tools are designed for you, not scaled-down versions of products for huge corporattions. We offer flexible controls and line-item visability to help you grow.

Bento for Business offers an easy to use, yet powerful spend and expense management solution designed for small and medium sized businesses. We save our customers millions of dollars. Our mission is to enable business owners to focus more on their business while saving time and money.


Guido Schulz


Farhan Ahmad, Founder & CEO | Bento for Business

Farhan Ahmad

Founder & Chairman

Sean Anderson, Founder & COO | Bento for Business

Sean Anderson

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Paula Bachman, CFO | Bento for Business

Paula Bachman

Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan Su, VP of Engineering | Bento for Business

Jonathan Su

Vice President of Engineering

Logan Deans

Vice President of Sales


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