How to Gather Customer Feedback using Google Forms Surveys

Understanding customers’ requirements is the key to your success. Businesses use analytics data to decipher user behavior so they can improve user experience to ensure greater customer satisfaction. Moreover, customer feedback positively influences your decision-making and helps you streamline your product roadmap. Sometimes, businesses conduct surveys to gather customer feedback before the launch of a […]

Best Prepaid Business Debit Card

Best Prepaid Business Debit Card Prepaid business debit cards are often designed for large businesses who can absorb the extra fees and setup costs more easily than small businesses. Bento for Business knows how difficult it can be for a small business to track expenses, especially when multiple employees are responsible for different purchases. This […]

What is a Commercial Card and How Do they Work?

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Commercial cards are commercial credit cards or commercial debit cards that are given by businesses to their employees so that the workers can buy supplies on their employers’ behalf. The cards are often co-branded with specific retailers or fuel stations, limiting the ability of workers to make purchases at those stores only. Many startup companies […]

Virtual Accounts Can Help To Prevent Fraud And Increase Scalability

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Today’s businesses need greater payment flexibility and better fraud prevention tools than ever. CNBC reports that employee thefts cost U.S. businesses $50 billion each year. Businesses also suffer fraud losses from external thefts caused by hackers accessing credit card numbers and account information. Virtual accounts and virtual account numbers are two solutions for businesses to […]

Top accounting firms

Top Accounting Firms For Accountants Accountants enjoy a terrific job outlook and high average pay. One great way to advance your career as an accountant is by joining one of the top ten accounting firms. This can help you network and participate in some of the partnerships, accounting conferences, and programs that members of the […]

Hub: Reloadable debit cards

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How consumers and businesses make payments is changing. An increasing number of people and businesses are choosing to use reloadable prepaid cards to make purchases. Reloadable prepaid cards are not linked to a banking account, making them appealing to businesses and people. According to Cision by 2022, the global prepaid card market is anticipated to […]