A Non Profit Fraud Case Study

In February 2017, a New York executive of a non-profit organization was sentenced to three months in jail after pleading guilty to embezzling around $100,000 in federal and state money that was earmarked for the agency at which she worked. The woman’s case demonstrates that even non-profit organizations may be the victims of non profit […]

An Internal Fraud Case Study

As demonstrated by an accounting fraud case at a Ford dealership in Hardeeville, South Carolina, small businesses can fall victim to internal fraud that is committed by highly trusted employees. O.C. Welch, the owner of the dealership, closely examined the books after he and his service manager noticed that their profits were not as high […]

A Fraud Prevention Case Study

When small business owners are aware of the risk of employee theft, embezzlement— and other misallocations of funds— they can take steps toward fraud prevention. One case in Bloomington, Minnesota illustrates how important theft prevention measures are for small businesses. Business owners should take the time to vet their prospective employees and make certain to […]

An Employee Theft Case Study

Small-Time Employee Theft, Big-Time Consequences When employees steal from companies, their actions have serious ramifications. Employers who believe that they can trust these individuals often fail to take safeguards against their illicit activity. Such laxity increases the severity of the risk of employee theft. What makes internal theft such a huge predicament for small business […]

A Credit Card Fraud Case Study

Learning The Risks Of Credit Card Fraud By Example Growing companies face a unique problem: Due to their limited pool of human resources, the owner of these businesses must entrust the fulfillment of critical payments to a relatively un-vetted staff. At the same time, however, their small size means they don’t have the people, time, […]

An Occupational Fraud Case Study

A reader of Allison Green’s “Ask a Manager” column illustrates how even trusted employees might misuse the funds of small businesses. It is important for business owners to watch for occupational fraud and to double-check their employees’ work, especially for employees who have access to the company’s bank account, money, checks or credit accounts. With […]

A Fraud Detection Case Study

The Need For Fraud Detection: The Amy Wilson Case The case of Amy Wilson, an office manager and bookkeeper of a small Indiana manufacturing business, demonstrates the importance of fraud risk management measures for fraud detection. In her case, she managed to steal more than $350,000 from her company over a period of four years. […]

An Accounting Fraud Case Study

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The story of an internal bookkeeper’s fraud at a small family-owned business in Chicago demonstrates how companies can become the victims of accounting fraud. The business, Graff-Pinkert & Company, buys and sells several different types of industrial manufacturing machinery. The company never thought that it would become the victim of an internal fraud. No company […]

A Check Fraud Case Study

How Check Fraud Can Sabotage Corporate Interests Business fraud takes many forms, and companies need to employ various strategies to fight them all. Some entrepreneurs view check fraud and forgery as unlikely occurrences, but trusting your employees or partners isn’t a substitute for real protection. Could your checking practices be putting you at risk? Check […]