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Construction Trade Shows, Conferences & Events 2017

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Construction trade shows, conferences and events offer construction industry professionals immense opportunities to learn from industry leaders, meet industry peers, and get key exposure to the latest developments in the construction industry. Construction industry professionals can choose from an extensive range of conferences, events and trade shows and join the ones that are most relevant to their specialization. Here’s a list of some of the major construction trade shows, conferences and events that you can...
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To Catch a Thief (No, Not an Employee)…With Bento

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Getting More Than You Bargained For Kevin signed up for Bento because he recognized that there had to be a better way to control employee spending, but what he experienced thwarting a thief surprised even himself in the power of the new business prepaid cards. The Boston Area Door Company (BADCO) installs commercial garage doors in and around the Boston area.  Owner, Kevin Pearce, manages a team of 5 installers who need fuel to power…

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PTO and the Modern Employee

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With the holiday season coming up, HR and administrators all over the country have their work cut out for them. It’s time to sharpen pencils and start calculating paid time off. For the U.S., average PTO is 10 days per year, with vacation time accruing at a rate of about 0.307 per work day. This usually means that employees must work a full year before receiving the total amount of vacation time. But, many businesses…

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How to Appease Angry Customers and Win Them Back

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Small business owners have to deal with unhappy or angry clients all the time, and it’s never easy. The customer could be unhappy for a number of reasons: untimely delivery, product malfunction, bad customer service, jarring user experience, or hundreds of thousands of other reasons. If you know what to say, and more importantly, when and how to say it, you may be able to salvage the situation. As a matter of fact, you can…

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Top 10 Online Reputation Management Tools for Small Businesses

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If you own a small business, you’re probably already aware of the importance of your online reputation. Positive reviews drive more customers to your business, while negative reviews may drive them away. Today, just by typing a few sentences and hitting “done,” anyone has the power to damage the reputation of your business. Fortunately, there are tools you can use to defend your business and its online reputation. From expensive reputation repair services to tools…

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Top 5 Small Business Accounting Software Choices

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There are a myriad of accounting tools available on the market, with various features and benefits. However, some of them stand out due to their advanced features, ease of use, reliability and utility. Here are our current top five small business accounting software choices. 1. Fresh Books: highly rated by its users, this tool offers everything you need, from unlimited invoicing and bill management to multi-currency billing and mobile apps. 2. QuickBooks: the first name…

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How to Protect Your Business from Identity Theft

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Over 9 million people are targeted by identity thieves each year and the cumulative economic cost of the crime is in the vicinity of $60 billion. However, it is no longer just individuals who are being victimized, as nefarious elements have discovered that small businesses are easier and more lucrative targets. This is the primary reason why business owners should learn how to protect their businesses from identity theft. How can anybody steal the identity…

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How to Prevent Employee Theft in Your Construction Business

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Employee theft isn’t necessarily very common, but in some cases, it’s good to have some sort of plan to prevent it or deal with it once it’s happened. The best defense is of course having good, trustworthy employees. However, larger companies have a harder time getting to know all of of their employees. If you do happen to have any issues with employee theft, or think that it could end up being a problem, here...
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Building Customer Loyalty Through Online Emotional Engagement

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Most business owners understand that loyal customers are the key to long-term sustainable business growth. But loyalty is far more important than that. Loyal customers help grow your brand, get new customers for you at no cost, and perhaps most significantly, loyal customers are six times more likely to give a brand the benefit of the doubt in uncertain circumstances. Case in point: Apple’s transgressions are frequently forgiven by it’s loyal customer base but Microsoft…

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Top 5 Software Choices for Event Planners

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Event planners don’t have it easy. Planning venue layouts, calculating budgets, selecting catering companies, remembering appointments, keeping contact information, and creating promotional materials is enough to make the best of us pull out hair out – and that’s not even the half of it. Luckily, some companies recognized this and decided to give event planners a break. We gathered a list of the 5 best event planning tools currently on the market to help save…

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