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How The Small Business Debit Card Can Work For You

Are you wondering how a small business debit card can work for you? Bento’s virtual debit card is everything you need – more security, more speed, and more scalability!


Starting a business can be tough! The excitement of seeing your dream take shape empowers you with enough adrenaline to see the task through. However, when the dust settles and your growth warrants placing the power of spending in the hands of employees, that can be a scary proposition. Bento’s small business debit card is everything you need – more security, more speed, and more scalability – backed by a support team that helps you grow!


The Pains Of Growth

Establishing your business can be stressful. It is difficult for new small business owners to obtain credit for their business, oftentimes, small business owners are left to use their personal credit to support their business. Putting your personal credit card in the hands of an employee is not always the best solution. Waiting to prove your business reliability history to a financial system isn’t an option either.

Bento for Business has an easy operating virtual small business debit card system that can allow you to delegate financial responsibility to your employees without the worry of overspending or fraudulent charges.


Bento’s Virtual New Small Business Debit Card

Bento’s virtual small business debit cards are instantly generated and stored online in your account. They are ready for use as soon as they are created. There is no wait for a card to be mailed, you have instant access to each card you create. This gives you full control over how much is available on the card, who gets the card, what days it can be used, and where it can be used. If there is ever a question, you can close the card instantly with a click!

The Bento virtual small business debit card can be used wherever debit cards are accepted. Retrieve your card information online for one-off online purchases, add custom controls for recurring payments, or share unique card numbers with different billers for better tracking.You will have a real-time view of transactions made and the information will automatically generate to your accounting system. 


Bento virtual small business debit cards meet the versatile purchasing needs of your business and offer more speed and security than traditional cards. Bento API is a fully integrated system that will be paired with your business processes. This will allow you to be in complete control creating, cancelling, and approving purchases based on the parameters you set into motion. The integration doesn’t stop there! Bento integrates you to the whole system: Spend controls, invoice payments, accounting integration, analytics and reporting, receipt capture and Bento’s mobile app.The benefits of Bento for Business goes much further than virtual small business debit cards. Look and see what Bento can do for you today!