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How to Get a Business Credit Card without a Personal Guarantee

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If you are a small business looking to streamline your purchases and minimize cash advances, while keeping your business expenses in check, business prepaid cards (aka Employee Debit Cards) are an effective tool that will save you time and money. The challenge that every small business faces today is to offer their employees a business credit card without a personal guarantee. One of the potential risks associated with business credit cards is that their misuse…

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Which is Better for Your Business: a Prepaid Card or a Credit Card?

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With the wealth of different financial options out there for small business owners, how do you decide what to choose? To dispel some of the confusion around the different types of cards available, we’ve decided to tell you a little more about the Bento business prepaid debit MasterCard – the perfect solution for smart small business owners who want to avoid the risk of giving a corporate credit card to employees. The Bento Prepaid Debit…

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What’s Keeping Accountants Up at Night?

By | Accounting, Business Prepaid Debit Card, Corporate Debit Card

Accounting is an interesting, complex and often rewarding career, but being responsible for the financial ins and outs of a business, no matter how large or small, is bound to be the cause of some pressure. If you’re an accountant, then chances are you’re being kept awake at night by some, or even all, of these issues. Managing Cashflow Cashflow is crucial for businesses of all sizes, and it’s often the accountants who are left to…

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Managing Cash Flow and Solving Business Problems You Didn’t Know You Had

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“I needed an easy way for project leaders to be able to buy supplies. Giving out cash was not an option and going to buy gift cards over and over was a pain. Bento enrollment was easy and allows the organization to focus on service, not expense management.”  -John A., Treasurer, Not-For-Profit Outreach Program Expense management for small business, nonprofits and startups is a crucial balancing act that can make the difference between success and failure,…

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How To Avoid Expense Surprises At Tax Time

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When tax time arrives, it can be immensely stressful for small business owners and their financial accounting teams, particularly if mistakes have been made throughout the year, or if not enough thinking and planning has gone into what needs to be done for the federal tax return. Leaving things until the last minute is the absolute worst possible plan, because when tax time comes around, your business should be prepared. The last thing you need…

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4 Signs Of Employee Fraud, And What To Do About It

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Many small business owners are too busy to spend time pouring over every petty cash receipt or employee credit card statement—you have bigger fish to fry. Of course you want to trust your employees, but the truth is that workers can unknowingly or knowingly take liberties (aka steal). It may be small amounts—an extra cup of coffee on the corporate card here, a falsified expense receipt there—but after a while it really adds up. A…

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Small Fleet Fuel Cards – The Smarter Way Businesses Manage Small Fleet Fuel Expenses

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When a business has a small fleet of vehicles to manage, it’s crucial to maximize profits by minimizing costs. The smartest way to control costs is by looking at how you manage small fleet fuel expenses, and prepaid fuel cards and fleet cards for small business make that job a whole lot easier to do. The Importance Of Managing Small Fleet Fuel Expenses As with all areas of your business, control and organization are essential…

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The Risks Of Giving Out Petty Cash To Employees

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The need for small businesses to pay for occasional, unanticipated expenses is never going to go away, and petty cash has traditionally been the way to do it. While it is immediate, easy and you only stand to lose what you give out, the unfortunate truth is that there aren’t that many other sensible options for businesses looking to eliminate employee cash advances. Would you really write a check for every little incidental office expense?…

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