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A single solution for all your business spend

No matter the size of your business, there are expenses associated with it. Over a period of time, these expenses can add up or be difficult to keep a track of. Sooner or later you may need a spend management tool to help keep a tab on business expenses. 

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Six 'realistic' ways to save money and control spending

Create and assign cards to meet your business needs. Modify spend parameters as needed. It’s that simple.

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Bento’s controls save time and money

The Bento Dashboard provides you with real-time visibility of your savings. Watch them grow quickly after simply setting a few controls on your Bento Cards.

Preventing unauthorized or unintended spending saves cash for purchases that matter.

Your controls operate in the background while you focus on your business. The data about your spending can help you run your business better, and it all syncs with QuickBooks and other accounting systems.

Who is the best person in your
company to use Bento?

Bento for Business platform is an easy-to-use intuitive one that is suitable for:



Scale your expense management with better decision-making and real-time data capture and reporting. Use our customizable spend management tools to generate a positive Return on Investment (ROI) and ensure operational efficiency.


Accountants & Budget Admins

Enable a healthy spend culture with spend policies built into your cards and consolidate all business-related expenses onto one platform. This gives you visibility and control into truly managing your cash flow better.



Yes, your employees can use the platform too! Save them valuable time from having to file expense reports and go through the lengthy process of claiming reimbursements. Just issue them a card that is pre-approved for specific use cases and you and your employees are free from unnecessary processes. It’s as easy as using the card and uploading the receipt!

Here’s why you need a spend management tool

As a business owner, you wear many hats and it can be hard for you to keep track of your companies’ business expenses all the time. It’s much easier and more efficient to have a tracking and management system in place that helps you stay within your budget so that you can focus your attention on running your business.

Here are our top features our customers love

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Virtual and Physical Cards

Bento's multiple card options give you a higher degree of flexibility when it comes to making decisions regarding which card can be used for which purpose. Bento cards offer the functionality of a regular corporate card, but with more power and sustainable spending solutions. We provide you complete control and flexibility to create and use these cards in a manner that suits your business needs to the tee.

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Industry-leading card

If you’re using and distributing corporate cards to your employees, you’re going to want to control where and how the cards are used. Here is where our card controls come into play. Card controls allow you to modify spend parameters as and when needed thereby helping you control your budget and protect your company’s bottom line. Bento’s card controls operate in the background while you focus on your business.

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360-degree View of Your
Business Spending

Our intuitive dashboard provides a birds-eye view of your account so you can get a glimpse of the health of your account in just a glance. This allows you better visualize spend trends and provides insights into the metrics that drive your business spend. This helps you identify areas where you can gain efficiencies, tighten spending controls for cost savings, and ultimately strengthen your business's bottom line.

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Real-time, Automated Reporting

Filling out expense reports and collecting receipts is a tedious process for both, expense managers and employees. This leads to a never-ending cycle of follow-ups and manual data entry. Having a swift and straightforward expense management software that automates the process for you helps clear up time for more critical tasks and also reduces the degree of manual error. Traditional means of expense management involves manual data entry and manual data verification for expenses. This not only eats into productive hours. Our automated reporting feature helps in combating that, thereby eliminating the possibility of submission of duplicate bills, exaggerated claims, errors in manual data entry, and more.

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One Click B2B Payments

A scalable spend management platform will have multiple payment options available because no business wants to be restricted. While we have multiple payment options at Bento, one option that particularly stands out and one that our customers love is - Bento Pay™. Bento Pay™ combines the simplicity of invoice payments with enterprise-grade security and powerful controls for B2B payments.

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AI-Powered Receipt Capture

Bento has an AutoMatch feature wherein a user can simply take a picture of a receipt and we will auto-magically match it to the correct transaction. Users can also submit receipts via email. You can also set email monthly receipt reminders for users to upload their receipts. With an electronic system in place, all your expenses are scanned into a single digital receipt repository where they can be easily managed. It's simply one less thing for you or your employees to worry about at reconciliation or tax time.

Who can sign up for Bento?

Legally registered US businesses with a verifiable physical location in the US can sign up for Bento. However, due to business category restrictions imposed by The Bancorp Bank, N.A.; Member FDIC, we do have some categories of businesses that are restricted from using Bento’s services. Here is the information on what you’ll need to sign up for Bento.

Here’s what one of our top customers has to say about us


“Having a Bento account is a great way to give employees an expense card without having to add them to a major credit card account. You can set daily limits and controls”

Making the switch is a breeze

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