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Why Video Conferencing Makes Your Office Communications More Human

The dynamics of office communications have evolved over the years, inspiring technological innovations for a better experience. While emails continue to remain an effective mode of business communication for many, tools like Slack and Highfive are also gaining ground in the modern business world today. According to research, a mind-boggling 2.4 million emails are sent every second which explains why so many companies lose productive hours, buried under piles of emails. Meanwhile, video conferencing tools have emerged as a more effective alternative to traditional email correspondence on many occasions when emails have failed to deliver desirable results.

Thanks to the emergence of VoIP, organizations with decent IT set up can hold live video meetings and conferences with their staff operating from remote locations.


Benefits of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing adds a personal touch to your communications, helping build trust, empathy and better rapport among team members. Here are some of the great reasons why video meetings are slowly replacing emails across organizations.

Minimize Misunderstandings

The greatest benefits of video conferencing can be appreciated when they are compared to those of email correspondence or voice communication. To begin with, video conferences humanize your conversations allowing participants to see each other’s moving images, and their body language and facial expressions.  Visual cues offer great context, reducing chances of any potential misunderstanding. In short, video conferencing offers a more robust platform for better team collaboration.

Stimulate Better Participation

One of the many benefits of video conferencing is that the top performers get due recognition and acknowledgment from the team. Much like an in-house team meeting, they remain in the spotlight which motivates them to do even better. This is a distinctive advantage over email correspondence wherein the recognition fades into the background and the acknowledgment is lost in the myriad of long email threads.

Save Your Training Cost

Many companies send their staff members to remote locations for training and orientation programs, which essentially means the companies must meet the expenses associated with travel and accommodation. Thanks to video conferencing, some companies are now able to arrange training and conferences in their office itself. Moreover, the video conferencing tools allow you to record the training processes and share them with the rest of the team. In a nutshell, fewer travel expenses means better ROI for your company.

Make Telecommuting More Productive

This is probably the most compelling benefit of video conferencing from a company’s perspective. Often times, companies allow their staff to telecommute. While this offers the employees a great deal of flexibility, employers are often left wondering if telecommuting leads to a drop-off in productivity. The same holds true when companies hire people from remote locations. With video conferencing tools, team managers can now develop a closer relationship with their staff operating across remote locations and see them live. This not only leads to a boost in team spirit, but higher accountability for remote staff as well.

Final Thoughts

From holding a conference to offering a product demo, video conferencing tools can help companies improve work process, build better work culture, and improve ROI.

What video conferencing tool do you use in your office and what differences have noticed in terms of productivity?


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