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Administrative Professionals Day: How Bento Helps Admins Live Easier

Administrative Professionals Day celebrates the role of office admins in the modern day business, including secretaries, receptionists, HR professionals and many others who serve as the pulse of any office they work for. Also known as Secretaries’ Day or Admin Day, Administrative Professionals Day is observed on the Wednesday of Administrative Professionals Week, which is on the last full week of April.

Even as administrative professionals work hard to help run the day-to-day office affairs like a well-oiled machine, their dedications often go underappreciated or even unnoticed.


Here are some of the amazing roles administrative professionals play to save their office tons of money and improve their bottom line.

Budgeting and Expense Management Ninja

From managing magazine subscriptions to keeping track of employees’ travel expenses, planning office budget can be a huge undertaking. With their budgeting skills and expense management acumen, administrative professionals often save the day for their office by keeping the costs down while ensuring the employees are happy and motivated.

Nevertheless, in the modern day business, budgeting and expense management tasks have become much easier for admin professionals, thanks to cutting-edge tools such as Bento Business Cards. As Bailey Caskey, Accounting Manager at Tourmaline Properties, Inc. puts it, “This (Bento App) has been a great option to allow some of our employees to have access to a credit card, but with control over the spending. It’s easy to use, & a great value for the money. Bento for Business has been a helpful tool for this small business.

Your Best Travel Agent

Administrative professionals often juggle several roles, making sure they excel at everything they do. One of the several ways they help their office save a great deal of money is lowering travel costs for their executives. From finding the cheapest flights to booking the cheapest hotel accommodations, office admins know exactly how to keep the costs down while offering their executives the best possible experience on the road.

If not managed well, traveling expenses can practically go through the roof and impact your bottom line. With smart business solutions such as Bento Business Cards, managing traveling expenses of your employees has now become much easier for many office admins. Michele Virgo, Manager, Operations at Concanon, LLC is one among the many happy and smart administrative professionals who have benefited from Bento business cards.

Here’s what Michele says about his experience:

We have ~20 consultants traveling nearly every week! If Bento can handle our travel spending, it can handle yours!”

The Smartest Office Assistant

A modern workplace is only as employee-friendly as its infrastructure. However, businesses striving to strike an ideal balance between creating stimulating work ambiance and keeping it budget-friendly often rely on their administrative professionals to help them achieve that equilibrium.

From purchasing the right office furniture to supplying office stationery, office admins often leave no stone unturned in maintaining office budget while ordering supplies. Not only are they aware of the great discount offers available on the market, they are equipped with skills to negotiate the best deals for their office as well.

While buying office furniture and supplies, keeping track of all the expenses, purchase bills and invoices can seem daunting even for the most astute office admin. But luckily, they now can use modern business tools such as the Bento app to keep their accounting on point.

Carlos Garcia, the owner of E Transportation Service, a logistics and supply chain, believes Bento is the best assistant for growing their business.

I love it!! We have a growing business and this has helped me better manage our expenses. In my logistics business it was hard to keep track of what my drivers needed on the road and getting ready for work. But with Bento they all have a card that they are able to use for expenses and I am able to keep track of everything now. I can even print a report with Bento for my accountant for this upcoming tax session. Best investment I have made starting my business.

An Event Manager Like No Other

Aside from managing the day-to-day business affairs, modern admin professionals are also amazing at helping their company plan and manage events such as annual meetings and business seminars. From sending out meeting requests/event invites to planning the events, administrative professionals bend over backward to ward off unnecessary expenses, find great deals and host memorable events for their company.

Final Thoughts

With a wealth of experience under their belt and deep understanding of company culture, administrative professionals are the greatest asset for any organization in the modern economy. The Administrative Professionals Day allows us a unique opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of the unsung heroes in the corporate world. At Bento, we’re glad to have made their job a little less demanding.


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