Product Features Overview

The Bento Box of Tools You Need to Manage Your Cash Flow

Millions of dollars of savings from easy-to-use controls

Bento for Business offers a range of spending and cash management tools that you can use with an FDIC-insured Bento bank account. Set controls for when, where, and how much money your employees can spend, then receive real-time reports that show you how much money you’re spending. It all syncs with QuickBooks and other popular accounting systems, too.

bento millions of dollaras savings

Depending on your unique needs, you can

Logical controls make a big difference. Set controls that make sense for the way you do business and change them at any time. Enforce budgets and spending policies with a minimum of fuss. And, see the savings that are generated for you in real time in your Bento dashboard..

How Will You Use Bento?

bento millions of dollaras savings