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School Administrators Give Teachers The Classroom Supplies They Need

teacher and kids with school supplies

School Admins Use Prepaid Business Debit Cards to Track Supply Purchases

With schools across the country getting back in session, as a school administrator you’re probably already thinking about your expense management systems for the next school year. In fact, in your role you work all year round to ensure that students, teachers and other staff have a smooth school year, so you’ve probably been thinking about it all summer!

How do you ensure teachers have the supplies they need while staying within budget? Increasingly, school administrators are discovering Bento’s Prepaid Visa Business Debit Card.

Signing up for Bento’s expense management solution gives you the security of a bank with the flexibility of Visa, and it’s the perfect way of making sure that teachers have all the classroom supplies they need.  Students need school supplies.  Teachers need Bento.

Whether it’s grading pens, reading center books, bulletin board trim, or whiteboard markers, different teachers might teach different subjects and different grades, so their classroom needs won’t all be the same. Give them the flexibility and responsibility to stock their classrooms using the Bento Prepaid Visa as their own classroom allowance – tracked and controlled using the Bento system.

The Benefits of a Bento Classroom Allowance

  • Budget tracking – The Bento Visa Card comes with a dashboard that lets you track expenses in real time, so you always know what your school’s budget is being used for. If you’re a school that reimburses teachers for supplies, then you know how difficult tracking that allowance can be. Cash is virtually impossible to track, gift cards cost money and have no controls, and business credit cards just aren’t an option for teachers.
  • Budget controls – As much as you may trust your teachers, it’s always good to be able to have a say in where, when, and how your school’s budget is being spent. With the Bento Visa, you have that control at every transaction. No need to worry about teachers going over budget – the Bento Visa will block transactions that go over the limits that you set.

Balancing the needs of your teachers and students with the funding situation of your particular school is tough. You want your teachers to be able to buy fresh new supplies for students, while your school district wants you to stay within budget. The Bento Prepaid Visa provides a solution for both, and is therefore the top choice of savvy school administrators, just like you. 

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