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Teachers, Get the Classroom Supplies You Desperately Need, Suggest Prepaid to School Administrators

teacher and kids with school suppliesIn many situations, as you’re well aware, you’re on your own when it comes to purchasing classroom supplies. Sometimes, you may get reimbursed up to a certain amount, and it may only be once a quarter. Although reasons for these different classroom supply purchasing rules may vary for each school, it’s undeniable that teachers need a better way to get what they need for their classrooms.

Let us introduce the Bento Visa Debit Card. It works by providing a simple, effective system for school administrators to distribute allowances for teachers on an easy-to-use Visa. Administrators can set limits on the card by store, amount, day, and person. While administrators get the security of a Visa Debit Card with spend controls, you get the allowance you need for your classroom without having to dip into your own pocket.

When you break it down, administrators want to be able to stay inside the school budget, and teachers want to provide the best classroom supplies for their students to help them grow and learn in the upcoming year. With the security of Bento’s controls, and the potential to replace out-of-pocket purchases for classroom supplies, the Bento Visa Debit Card is the perfect expense management option for both administrators and teachers alike. So, teachers, talk to your school administrators today and get them on the Bento school bus!

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