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Bento is now on your smartphone

Now employees can check balances on-the-go, and everyone gets more done.

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Simply, Freedom

Employees can check (but not change!) their card balance, budget and settings.

Less time managing employee expenses means more time to build your business.

Streamlined Accounting

Tag Transactions and add custom notes at the POS.

With coded purchases like “Smith Project” and “Mileage 180,740″ reconciliation into your accounting software is quick and easy.

Capture Receipts

Attach receipts to transactions using your smartphone camera.

You’ll never spend another minute chasing down receipts – all but eliminate expense reports.

Try Bento for Free for 60 Days

  • Click the button below to login to Bento.

  • Select employees whom you would like to grant mobile access. Input their company email address if not present

  • Click “Send Invites” to send employees an email invite with links to download the apps from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)

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