We’re reaching out to let you know that your Bento for Business account and associated Bento for Business Visa® Debit Card was closed on June 25, 2024.

Our parent company, U.S. Bank, has made the decision to discontinue Bento for Business as a stand-alone brand and relaunch our services through U.S. Bank. While not currently available, the future relaunch will make our services available to U.S. Bank customers who hold a U.S. Bank business credit card. Your account will not be transferred to U.S. Bank.

Effective June 25, 2024:

  • All services in connection with this card program were discontinued, and all associated card(s) were deactivated. Any requests for transactions will be declined and the merchant will not be paid.
  • The available balance remaining in the account on June 25, 2024 is subject to adjustments based on refunds and/or the outcome of dispute claims. If a refund request or dispute claim is submitted and/or resolved in your favor after June 25, 2024, and a check for the available balance was already sent, a separate check representing the value of the favorably resolved claim will be mailed to the business owner’s shipping address.

Any remaining balance in the account will be refunded by check, which will be mailed to the shipping address on file for the business owner within fourteen (14) business days of June 25, 2024. All checks will be issued by The Bancorp Bank, N.A. and must be cashed within 180 calendar days of issuance. Please make sure the business owner’s shipping address is correctly listed to ensure the check can be delivered.

Per the Bento for Business Deposit Account Agreement:

  • We reserve the right to not refund any unused balance of $1.00 or less.
  • Any uncashed or returned check(s) may be subject to escheatment and sent to the state of the business’s last known shipping address. Escheatment timelines will vary by state.


  • The account was closed before June 25, 2024, you will no longer be able to login to your account. If you need statements or other documentation, please contact us at the email address provided below.
  • The account was automatically closed on June 25, 2024, you will be able to access your account documents through October 31, 2024. You will no longer have access to your account information through our website or the mobile application after October 31, 2024. If you need statements or other documentation after October 31, 2024, please contact us at the email address provided below.


If you have any questions, concerns, or if you require assistance to access any statements or other documents, our Customer Service team will be available to assist you at support@bentoforbusiness.com. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your understanding and cooperation during this transition.  Thank you for your business.  


Warm regards,

The Bento for Business Team | support@bentoforbusiness.com

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