Virtual Cards

Virtual Cards Extend the Power of Your Bento Account

Manage online purchases, subscriptions, and other departmental spending

How It Works


How Virtual Cards Work

Bento for Business virtual cards are the very essence of our cards: the number, expiration date, and CVV. There’s no plastic card to keep track of. Cards can be created instantly, then turned on and off with just a click. You can assign cards to departments, vendors, or line item—whatever makes the most sense for the way you run your business.

You can also integrate virtual cards into your workflow with the Bento Virtual Card API. This is a great solution for ad agencies, merchants, and others who need multiple cards to get things done.

Benefits of Virtual Cards

Virtual cards are perfect for managing online expenses. Assign one card to your office supply vendor and another for your software subscriptions. Use one card for online advertising to help measure ROI. By setting controls, you ensure that the cards can’t be used for anything else. You can set one card for telephone purchases, then turn it off between uses. That way, if someone overhears your credit card details, they can’t make purchases with your account.

Virtual cards are included with your Bento account. That way, you can see all your spending in one place. This makes for faster analysis and better forecasting. And, it all syncs with QuickBooks and other popular accounting platforms.

Learn how we at Bento use virtual cards to manage subscriptions.

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