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Travel Expense Cards with Bento

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Travel Expense

How Our Travel Expense Cards Work

Businesses that have fleets of vehicles have increasingly turned to fleet cards to help them to manage their fuel and repair expenses. The employees can charge fuel and repairs on their travel expense cards instead of spending their own money and submitting expense reports.

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What is a Fleet Fuel Card & How Does It Work?

A fleet fuel card (also known as a travel expense card) is a credit or debit card that is given to company drivers who regularly drive vehicles for their jobs. They can use the cards to pay for gas and vehicle repairs. They differ from corporate credit cards because they can only be used to make purchases that are required for the fueling and maintenance of the company’s vehicles. Many fleet cards are credit cards that are issued by specific gas station chains such as Shell Oil or Conoco. These cards can only be used by drivers at Shell, Conoco, or other similarly co-branded chain gas stations.

Fleet cards allow drivers to buy fuel and to get their company vehicles repaired when they are traveling on the road. Using these travel expense cards eliminates the need to pay for the business-related fuel and vehicle repair expenses out of pocket, lessening the chance of employees becoming angry because of slow reimbursements or of workers not having the money to buy fuel or to pay for repairs themselves.


You can deposit money onto the cards and define the spending categories that are allowed on each card.

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You will be able to access your account and see the balances on each card at any time from your interactive platform.

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You can see the purchases that your employees have made and instantly turn off any card if you see problems.

The Benefits of a Fleet Fuel Card

The Bento card is a debit card. It is not a credit card, so there are no credit checks. Bento gives small businesses the power of robust spending controls and strong expense management tools, allowing you to get your expenses under control while protecting your business from losses caused by fraud.

How Bento for Business Can Help Your Business With Our Travel Expense Cards

Bento for Business offers Visa debit cards that can be configured for your business’s needs. Controls can be changed instantly to accommodate emergencies or changing circumstances. These fleet cards can help companies that range in size from small businesses with a few vehicles to large companies with large fleets.

Fuel cards can also help to prevent your employees from using your cards to buy other items that you have not authorized. For example, an employee who is given a fuel card won’t be able to use it to charge dinner at a restaurant. This can help you to tamp down problems associated with credit card fraud that might otherwise occur.

Bento for Business has a perfect score on Capterra and is the preferred business debit card for thousands of small businesses in the U.S. To learn more, contact us today by calling 866.220.8455.

Your controls operate in the background while you focus on your business. The data about your spending can help you run your business better, and it all syncs with QuickBooks and other accounting systems.

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It can be used at any gas station that accepts Visa debit cards.

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You can set daily, weekly, or monthly spend limits on each card.

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You can turn cards on or off with a single click (as needed).