Invoice Payments

Save Time and Hassles with Simple B2B Invoice Payments through Bento Pay

Bento Pay allows you to pay vendors with just their email address. It works like the payment systems that many banks offer to consumers, but with the enterprise-grade security and powerful controls that businesses need.

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How Bento Pay Works

Bento Pay lets you send digital payments to businesses right now. The same way you might send your neighbor money to cover your block party contribution or pay a babysitter from your personal account, your company can pay suppliers from your Bento account. All you need is their email address.

When your vendors receive the Bento Pay link, they can either enter their bank account information or choose to receive a one-time use Visa virtual card. No sensitive bank or card data is exchanged, so both sides are well-protected.

And, all the payment information shows up in your Bento dashboard and syncs with your accounting system. You get all the information about your business’s spending in one place. Staying on top of payables and budgets has never been easier.

Send ACH payments with Bento

Bento’s payments dashboard can include your Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments. Using ACH instead of checks saves paper, postage, and hassle. Your vendor receives a bank deposit instead of a check. You not only save time and money, but the payment shows up with all your Bento transactions so that you can manage your budget—and your business.

Illustration of vendor receiving a ACH invoice payment from Bento Pay™ | Bento for Business
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