Ghost Cards

Fast, Secure, Dedicated Payments with Bento Ghost Cards

Today, many businesses are turning away from commercial checks in favor of noncash payment methods. One such noncash payment solution is a ghost credit or debit card. Bento for Business offers ghost debit cards that have extensive expense controls and are scalable as your business grows.

Enhanced Expense Controls

Integrate with Your Existing Systems

Enhanced Expense Controls

A ghost debit or credit card is a randomly generated credit card number and CVV that can be used to complete a single transaction. Businesses can assign them to individual departments or specific suppliers for better expense tracking and control.

Control when and where numbers can be used and how much can be spent.

Card numbers are provided for departments, locations, or any other category when your organization needs to control and track purchases. You can also use them for preferred suppliers for ongoing A/P to reduce invoicing costs.

  • Random credit card numbers are generated together with CVV codes
  • Restrict the types of purchases that can be made per the department or the supplier
  • Establish spending limits by the interval of your choosing and to turn the cards off or on remotely

Integrate with Your Existing Systems

Generate ghost cards through Bento’s online dashboard or web interface. The transaction data flows electronically into your different expense categories, and detailed expense reports can be generated in minutes.

Automate Accounts Payable

Ghost payment cards allow the transaction data to import directly into your accounting software so that your payment processes are automated and streamlined.

  • Generate a card within your applications for immediate use
  • Eliminate costly reimbursements and purchase approvals
  • Protect against fraud

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