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How to manage employee spending with Bento

The art of employee spend management with Bento

Have you ever heard of the saying, “married to your business”? Unfortunately it can be true. Whether you are a small business or large corporate business, being all things all the time can be overwhelming and can cause you to lose sight of the direction of your company.

We at Bento for Business want to help you by allowing you to be able to manage without being everywhere, all the time. Employee spend management can be simple. Let’s take a look at a few ways we can help you manage employee spending.

How can you have empowerment in the field?

It’s easy! Create and assign cards to your employees. Bento for Business cards are easy to use and custom created by you individually or as a group, whatever you need. Turn a card on or off at any time with just a click. Set up your cards with spending amounts that make sense for your business not what makes sense for the bank.

You are able to control spending on workdays only, the category of merchants to avoid unauthorized usage, and how much is available per day. Occasional international use? No problem, turn it on when applicable and off when not needed.

If an emergency arises in the field you can immediately open the card to additional resources such as lodging and food. These are some of the ways Bento is leading the charge with employee spend management solutions. You can read more about our virtual cards here

How will Bento for Business cards increase efficiency at work?

Your Bento for Business Dashboard provides you with real-time visibility of your savings. You adjust the controls, which filters out to all areas of your business, allowing you complete control and access to all spending all the time. This prevents unauthorized or unintended spending.

Your controls operate in the background while you are present in the areas you want to be focused. The data of your spending syncs with QuickBooks and other accounting systems, providing a seamless flow for your accounting department.

Bento for Business also provides AI based software which has capture and report tools, which means no waiting for receipts so someone from accounting can enter one by one or worse yet, lost receipts. In real-time the receipts are uploaded!

Imagine the savings on that one aspect alone! AI receipt capture also has the ability to add tags and notes. It had easy search and filtering tools so your team doesn’t have to spend hours on paperwork. They can focus on productivity and no longer chase down expenses.

Can I have continual access?

Yes!!! With Bento Mobile App control of your employee spend management is in your pocket. Bento’s iOS and Android apps put the power of a full-featured expense management platform in your pocket.

You will have up to the minute picture of your cash flow right at your fingertips. View your balance and overall spending. Your expenses are broken down by category in a simple to understand layout.

We make it easy for you to change card controls and for users to see where, when and how much they can use their card. Quickly activate, delete, or reissue cards with a click. Bento for Business Mobile App is fully functional and can manage all your business needs.

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Bento is on the go! G2 has Bento for Business as one of the best business expense management software solutions in the world! Book a self serve demo today or sign up for a 60 day free trial to see if Bento is a good fit for you.