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Streamline Your Spending with Bento


Bento for Business is an intuitive debit-based spend management platform suited for all businesses.

Our industry-leading solution provides one-of-a-kind operational control, visibility, and insights on all your business expenses as they happen.

Save money, time, and effort with automated accounting sync, AI-based receipt capture, expense policy settings, and real-time approval workflows that keep your expenses in check.

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Why Bento?

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By preventing unauthorized transactions outside of their chosen spend policy

Powerful controls, real-time tracking and reporting, policy enforcement, and automated accounting solutions to run your organization better.

Real-time Data & Insights

Month View

Visibility into what is being spent any day of the month helps inform important business decisions.

Robust Spend Controls

Card Controls Icons

Setting spend controls on each card ensures that all company expenses are pre-approved before employees make card purchases.

Strategic Budget Planning

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Develop a budget, improve forecasts, and optimize cash flow based on real-time access to spend patterns and data.

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Get a 90-day FREE trial when you take a demo with Bento and sign up!

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Bento’s key benefit to forward-thinking companies is that it’s hassle-free. It allows you to focus on and run your business while working its magic in the background.

Relax and enjoy the ease of Bento’s transparency on your expenses. We make sure that your employees will have access to the funds that they need – according to the limits that you set for your business’s bottom line.

Want to make this more interesting? Load your Bento account and maintain a $1,000 account balance to receive an additional three months of Bento on us.

Why we need to be your preferred choice

We’re simply just superior on all fronts!

We know we’re not your only corporate card option, but we know we are the best. Here’s why:

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