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Bento Cards Help Nonprofit and Religious Organizations Manage Expenses

Nonprofit and religious organizations have unique financial management challenges. Small overhead, donor oversight, and important missions can make it hard to operate efficiently. At the same time, any losses from spending errors takes money away from the vital services you provide. Bento for Business serves the needs of churches and charities as well as small businesses.

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Managing Nonprofit Costs

On one level, nonprofit organizations are like for profit organizations. You have to spend money on office supplies, buy software subscriptions, and cover employee travel expenses. On another level, you are completely different. Organizational infrastructure may not be up-to-date. Many expenses are incurred by volunteers. And, donors often don’t want money to go to administrative expenses.

The flexible controls on our Visa debit cards can help you get more done with less. With Bento for Business, you can:

  • Give employees cards for expenses that they incur. Bento’s flexible controls allow you to give authority for normal expenses on workdays, then instantly change them to address travel or special circumstances.
  • Set up one card for volunteer expenses, then authorize the amounts and categories of spending. That way, volunteers don’t have to front expenses that they might not be able to afford, and you have assurance that they will stick to the budget.
  • Use a virtual card to manage software subscriptions, so that you can tell at a glance what you are paying for and whether it matches your needs.
  • Send stipends to missionaries or staff members in the field with Bento Pay™, our email payments system.
  • Pay overhead costs with Bento ACH so that all expenses are in one place, making for easy analysis and reporting to the board of directors, even those board members who have trouble understanding traditional financial statements.
  • Sync everything with your accounting system.

You get robust controls, visibility, accounting integration, and receipt capture no matter how you set up your Bento account. As your organization grows and your needs change, you can change your card settings and uses.

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