Fuel Cards for Fleets

Bento Cards Help Manage Delivery, Fuel, and Fleet Expenses

Bento for Business debit cards make great fuel cards as their flexibility allows you to manage your fleet efficiently and save you money. Give them to drivers to cover delivery purchases, per diems, or breakdown costs.

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Delivery, Fuel, and Fleet Management in One Card

Whether you have cars, trucks, boats, or planes, if your company has vehicles, then it has costs to manage. Because each company and industry uses vehicles differently, having a fleet fuel card with flexibility is important. Bento for Business cards make great fuel cards. They have other uses, too, making it easier for your entire business to operate.

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The Most Flexible Card for Your Business

The beauty of Bento for Business is the flexibility. Our spend management tools work together to give you control and visibility into your business expenses.

The core is a Visa debit card that can be set to meet your business’s needs, then reset as your needs change. Amounts, days of the week, and merchant categories can be adjusted as needed.

Bento also comes with an email-based payment system (Bento Pay™), ACH payments, easy receipt upload and smart transaction reports—which sync with QuickBooks and other major accounting systems.

Flexibility makes Bento for Business more useful than traditional fuel cards.
  • If a vehicle has an accident or breakdown, controls on Bento cards can be changed instantly to allow for expenses from a tow, repairs, and a ride back to the office.
  • If an employee gets stuck due to inclement weather, Bento vehicle and employee card controls can be changed to cover the costs of food and lodging until it is safe to get back home.

You get robust controls, visibility, accounting integration, and receipt capture no matter how you set up your Bento account. As your business grows and your needs change, you can change your card settings and uses.

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Managing Fleet Costs with Bento Cards

  • Allow employees to pay the costs of gas and parking to their Bento cards, saving the hassle of reimbursement.
  • Assign a card to each employee with authorization to spend on fuel. Controls can be limited to fuel pumps only, preventing unauthorized convenience store purchases.
  • Set up a card for each vehicle to handle all of the fuel, maintenance, and breakdown expenses. Then, the information about cost and timing can be evaluated to better manage vehicle maintenance schedules.
  • Use a virtual card to cover the costs of EZPass and other automatic tolling systems.

Managing Delivery Operations with Bento Cards

  • Remotely control delivery drivers’ cards as their schedule and job change from day to day.
  • Pay contract drivers by email using Bento Pay™, saving the cost and hassle of writing and mailing checks.
  • Assign each delivery driver a card to cover customer purchases from restaurants and shops.

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