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Bento Helps Manage Construction Spending

Running a successful construction company requires you to be able to make purchases when they are needed so that your company can meet the deadlines of your projects. Bento for Business can help your company manage construction spending. You can give Bento Cards to your employees so that they can make the purchases that they need in a timely manner without having to wait for the purchase approval process. Whether they need to put gas in their vehicles, purchase supplies to finish a job, or take a prospective customer out to lunch, their Bento Cards allow them to do it all.

Depending on your needs, you may choose to:

  • Assign a card to each employee with authorization to spend on fuel and hardware supplies.
  • Set up a card for each vehicle to handle all of the fuel, maintenance, and breakdown expenses.
  • Use one card per project for easy recordkeeping and client billing.
  • Use virtual cards to manage software subscriptions back in the office.
  • Pay artisans and other one-off subcontractors through Bento Pay™. No need to deal with the cost of preparing checks or the hassles of chasing down payment information.
  • Send payments to large suppliers or subcontractors through Bento ACH so that you can see all of your spending in one place.

You get robust controls, visibility, accounting integration, and receipt capture no matter how you set up your Bento account. As your business grows and your needs change, you can change your card settings and uses.

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