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What’s the best prepaid card for employees?

You can find a lot of information about the advantages that prepaid expense cards offer to business owners who need to manage employee purchases. For example, a prepaid business card for employees offers you a convenient way to empower workers to make purchases. At the same time, employees can’t use their prepaid business card at merchants that you have restricted. This means that you can improve productivity and control expenses better.

The Advantages of a Prepaid Card for Employees

Of course, employees also enjoy the convenience of having one of these cards to make purchases too. It’s important to consider the benefits you can offer your people by offering each employee their own card in their own name.

First, your workers are probably already familiar with this kind of payment card. To support this idea, look at some statistics about the use of prepaid cards that were reported on the NASDAQ blog:

  • Most workers are probably familiar with a prepaid card for employees. More than 56 percent of the adults in the US have purchased at least one prepaid card in the past year for their own use.
  • The percentage of Americans who have used prepaid debit cards has actually risen by almost 20 percent in the last half of a decade. These kinds of cards are actually getting more popular.
  • When card users were asked why they liked getting or using prepaid cards, the most common response from 87 percent of people is that they were easy for them to use. For example, prepaid debit cards with brand-name logos can be used at merchants like any other debit cards.

In other words, most people already know about these types of payment cards and like to use them. You shouldn’t have to break through much resistance when you ask your workers to pay for expenses with their own prepaid business cards. Your employees should be even happier when they learn that they no longer need to pay for supplies out of their own pocket and wait for their reimbursement. Because you can report on and manage everything from your computer or mobile device, you can eliminate a lot of paperwork for yourself as well.

As an employer, you certainly hope to take actions that will keep your employees productive and increase their morale. If you employ techs, salespeople, or other workers who need to make purchases to get their jobs done, you should find that they will be happy and even proud to receive a card from your business in their own name. If a prepaid card for employees also makes your job of controlling expenses easier, that’s an added benefit.

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