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Business Debit Cards: The Ideal Solution for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you are likely aware of the importance of controlling your spending in order to improve your company’s bottom line. You may track your expenses with accounting software or have outside accounting and bookkeeping help through a third party. In order to conduct business, you likely allow some employees to make purchases. Keeping these expenditures under control is important. Business debit cards from Bento may allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of your business at all times as you limit the purchases that your employees can make, track spending, and keep tight controls on the expenditures.

What are business debit cards?

Business debit cards from Bento are designed to help small businesses to control their expenses while also allowing access to the funds that are needed for day-to-day purchases. Small business expense management is important for the health of small businesses, and Bento for Business has established itself as an industry leader with its business debit cards. A credit card alternative, a debit card with Bento for Business is prepaid with the amount that you choose, allowing you to control the total amount of spending that can be completed with each debit card that you have.

Why business debit cards make sense for small businesses

Debit cards for business needs may make more sense for small businesses than credit cards. Since a debit card with Bento for Business is loaded in advance, it is not dependent on your credit. These business debit cards also do not come with the typically high interest that credit card companies charge. You are able to set your spending limits on each card according to your budget and can start with up to 10 cards for your employees for as little as $29 per month. These cards can be used to help you to keep your personal and business expenses separate, making your tax preparation much simpler.

How the business debit cards at Bento for Business work

Bento’s system allows you to control spending and to prevent fraud in several ways. You choose how many cards that you want. You can then designate the particular spending category and purchase types that are allowed for the users of each individual card. For instance, you can choose to give an employee whose job requires travel a card with a prepaid limit of $500 that can only be used at gas pumps. If the employee tries to purchase non-allowed items inside of a convenience store, the transaction will be turned down. You are able to see exactly what has been spent and the balances on each card by logging in to our secure platform. Bento uses the highest SSL-secure encryption technology to keep your financial information protected and safe. You can turn cards on or off instantly by simply clicking a button, and you can access your information from your mobile device anytime you choose.

Contact Bento for debit cards for business needs

Debit cards from Bento for Business can offer you the financial flexibility that you need. Our cards are FDIC-insured up to $250,000. They are Visa Business Debit Cards, allowing them to be used anywhere that accepts Visa. To start your free 60-day trial, simply fill out our online form. You can also call us at 866.220.8455 for answers to any questions that you might have about our business debit cards.

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