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How debit cards can help regardless of business credit

As a business owner, you likely understand the importance of having access to funds when you need them. Building business credit takes time, and it may be difficult to gain approval for business credit cards and loans. By choosing business debit cards, you may gain the flexibility that you need so that your money is readily available to make purchases whenever and wherever they are needed. These cards can help your business even if it has not been established for a lengthy period or if your existing credit history is poor.

How business debit cards can help

It is common for entrepreneurs to have trouble obtaining business credit when they have new businesses. Like personal credit, it takes time to establish your business credit history. Gaining approval for company credit cards can be hard for new businesses, and business owners who have problematic personal credit histories may also have more difficulty. Since business debit cards are not credit cards, getting approved will not depend on your credit. The debit cards at Bento for Business are Visa®, allowing your business to use them to make purchases at millions of vendors across the nation.

How the debit cards work

You can select the number of cards that you need and fund your account. You then simply determine how much money to allocate to each individual card. These debit cards allow you to restrict the amount of money that is available as well as the types of purchases that are allowed. For example, you can limit one card to pay-at-the-pump gasoline purchases only while another card might only be able to be used to purchase office supplies. You are able to tailor the allowed purchases on your cards according to the job duties of your individual employees. Their names will appear on the cards that they are given so that they have greater flexibility in making purchases for your business. If an employee tries to use his or her card to buy items that are unauthorized, the transaction will be declined immediately, helping you to prevent fraud and abuse by employees. The features of these cards help you to save costs while also preventing losses from employee thefts.

Other cost savings

Even if your company does not have an established business credit history, you may still be able to get approved for a company credit card. However, if your credit is blemished or unestablished, you can expect to be charged high interest rates and substantial fees. You are not charged interest or high annual fees when you choose debit cards from Bento for Business. Instead, you can select up to 10 cards for your employees for a low monthly fee of just $29. If you need more cards, you can request more for an additional monthly cost.


The cards at Bento for Business use the same type of highly secure SSL-encryption technology to protect your money and financial data from hackers. When you deposit money into your account, your funds will be FDIC insured to at least $250,000 through The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. The high security and protection that you can enjoy with these cards can help to obviate worries that you might otherwise have.

Bento for Business is dedicated to helping small business owners to enjoy the flexibility that they need for purchases while also helping them to manage their expenses more effectively regardless of their business credit. We offer free 60-day trials. Start your 60-day free trial today or call 866.220.8455 to learn more.