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What the best small business credit card can offer

Small business owners must attend to many tasks, and keeping their businesses’ spending under control is important. It is easy for business spending to balloon, hurting your bottom line and swallowing your profits. The best small business credit card can help you to manage your business expenses more effectively so that your business is likelier to succeed. They can also help to free up your time by allowing you to let your employees make the purchases that your business requires.

Features of the best small business credit card

Many of the best small business credit cards are prepaid so that they will not depend on your credit or impact your score. You simply deposit the funds that you want to allocate to your cards. Some of the best small business credit cards allow you to set spending controls. You can choose the categories of purchases that you want to allow per employee. You can give one employee a card that he or she can use to buy gasoline at the pump while another may be given a card that he or she can use to pay the utility bills. By being able to institute these spending limits and controls, you can stop internal thefts and credit card abuses.

Tracking and expense management with the best small business credit card

Since you are able to set the spending categories on each card, you can easily see exactly where your business is at any given time with your budget. The information from your cards can be easily exported into your company’s accounting software, making reconciliation and tracking much easier.

You can view all of your cards whenever you want by logging into your account. When you do, you will have your own interactive dashboard from which you can view all of your cards, their balances, and your employees’ spending histories. If you see that an employee has attempted to make an unauthorized purchase, you can instantly turn off his or her card by clicking a button. You can likewise turn cards on for new employees so that they can get started with their jobs.

If an employee tries to buy something that you have not authorized, the employee’s transaction will be instantly declined. Bento for Business offers Visa business debit cards that can help you to eliminate employee thefts so that you can prevent losses. Employees will also not be able to use their cards to withdraw cash, and you can order enough cards that you can get rid of other systems that are subject to abuse such as traditional credit cards, checks, and petty cash. All deposits that you make are insured up to $250,000 by the FDIC. The cards are Visas, allowing your employees to make purchases at all businesses that accept Visa.

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