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The Benefits of Prepaid Fuel Cards for Fire Sprinkler Company Employees

fire sprinkler company employeesSending your employees out to install and inspect fire sprinklers is the bread and butter of your business, so paying for gas for the vehicles is likely to be an almost daily expense for you. In fact, with the regular fire sprinkler testing, maintenance, servicing, installations and violation removals on top, that’s a lot of driving!

However many employees you have, they will be doing a lot of driving that adds up over the year. So how do you deal with gas expenses for your fire sprinkler company employees? The smart solution is to look at fuel cards for small business, such as the Bento business Visa debit card.

Although the Bento card can be configured for a variety of uses, one of the most popular configurations is the prepaid fuel card.

How does it work?

One of the Bento Card’s outstanding features is that it is highly controllable. You can set controls and restrictions on where and when the card is being used, and what it is being used for. If you only want your employees to spend company money on fuel for those bread and butter visits to clients, you can simply set category controls to only allow purchases at fuel pumps.

Bento can tell the difference.

Most gas stations have convenience stores on the premises. However, you only want your employees to spend company money on fuel. No problem! With Bento categories, you can differentiate between gas station convenience stores and fuel pumps. Allow the Fuel Pump category and disallow the Gas Station category. You’re all set!

How does Bento compare to other solutions?

Right now you may be using cash, credit cards, debit cards, or some combination of all three to cover the expense of fuel. Although there are benefits to each, the cons far outweigh them.

Cash is easy to distribute, but impossible to track or control. If you give your employees cash to pay for fuel, they may end up buying other items that dent your bottom line over time.

Credit cards leave you personally liable for any employee overspending, and once again, there’s no way to put controls on credit cards.  To cancel an employee credit card requires a lengthy call to the credit card company.  With Bento you simply turn the card off on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Bento removes all these worries with a solution that places firm controls on all company spending and still allows you to provide funds for employees to keep up the core functions of your work.

About Bento for Business

Bento for Business offers a new generation of technology-driven SMART employee expense cards for SMBs, nonprofits, organizations and associations in the form of a Visa business debit card. You can set monthly spend limits and allow only certain purchase categories (e.g. Bob the project manager can only spend $500/week and the card only works to purchase gas, hotels and at the hardware store). Turn cards on and off in real time. Receive SMS text message or email alerts for every purchase or decline. Enjoy unmatched visibility into cash flow, eliminate expense reports, and save time & money. Use this link to learn more and start your FREE 60-day trial of Bento’s business prepaid cards.

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