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How Construction Businesses Use Facebook for Marketing

According to the “Social Media for Asphalt Companies” webinar held by the National Asphalt Pavement Association, roughly 16.6 percent of all time Americans spend online is devoted to social networking sites – of these, Facebook is the most visited, accounting for seven hours a month of individuals’ time. This makes it a prime platform for small businesses to market themselves, construction industry included.

Facebook offers a whole new business realm that makes hyper sharing a goal that is easy to accomplish. Knowing how to properly use Facebook can help companies create a network of people who are actively responding to their brand messages, engage in discussions, and also pay for their products or services. The following guide will show you how to take advantage of Facebook’s myriad features to grow your construction company.

Provide Scenarios Customers Can Identify with to Create Engagement

Probably one of the biggest – and most important – benefits of utilizing Facebook is its ability to engage with prospective customers via its friendly platform. Engaging with potential customers can help your construction company become viewed as more reliable, conveying a client-oriented approach that will have a positive impact on your business. Facebook also enables you to add in personal touches that will show your customers that you are a real person – one with the knowledge, expertise, and abilities to help them success in any construction plans they might have. Taking part in discussions, commenting on others’ posts, and providing professional insight allows you to create engagement and take advantage of word of mouth marketing.

For example, mentioning your personal home improvement projects constitutes a good opportunity to let your consumers know that you face similar challenges as they do – while this might not directly result in them calling you for help, it will certainly help them remember you.

Run Contests and Sweepstakes with Prizes

Now that you have engagement and interaction, why not reward your customers for it? Running contests and sweepstakes with prizes can definitely help your construction company become more popular and gradually grow, giving you more exposure, increasing brand awareness, and getting even more customers to call for your services. Choose something you think your clients would benefit from and don’t be afraid to put your logo on it to remind them where it came from. Adding in personal touches like a hand-written card is always a good idea as well.

As for the contests, there are plenty of industry-centered ideas you can use to get potential customers involved. For example, you could run a contest and award the person with the most practical home improvement project. You would be surprised to see how many people would be interested in participating, which will subsequently result in a huge popularity growth over a short time frame.

Be an Expert

To make your construction company stand out, become an expert in your field. Write how-to’s, tips, and FAQs that you can post on Facebook. For example, you can cover basic information on the best types of concrete to choose for outdoor paving, or more specific tutorials on how you install it.

Becoming an expert on Facebook will encourage more social sharing of your content which will boost your SEO and make you turn up more often on Google searches. Make sure you include a link back to where your content is kept, be it your website or blog, so that people will be driven there. Once they’re on your website or blog, they can learn more about your business or contact you, ultimately bringing you new business.

Rely on Boosted Posts

The reasons for paying to have your posts seen by prospective customers are many – and the important one is that Facebook has decreased organic reach for pages. This means that fewer people will see your posts in their news feed. Using Facebook’s Boosted Posts service constitutes a good way to make your voice heard and help your audience identify your quality articles. However, there are a couple factors to carefully think about before you pay to have your posts promoted. The structure of a boosted post is of paramount importance, as it decides the placement of text, links and media – which might convince clients to take an action. You will attach a link to your website in the post, which will prompt users to visit the page they might be interested in. For this reason, your post should be concise, informational, and a bit salesy – just enough to catch a potential customer’s eye, increase his interest, and finally lead him to accessing the link.

Another aspect to keep in mind is including media in your posts – an image or a video that is visually-appealing, is relevant to your post or website, and preferably includes a subtle call to action. Crafting your own images is preferable if you want to stand out among other construction companies, not to mention that this will give you a lot more exposure since the post is promoted.

Showcase Your Most Important Projects

Professional photographers create albums with their artworks every day, wedding organizers publish photos of the wedding they helped planning – so why not showcase your most important projects on your Facebook page as well? Showing the world what your company can do will certainly help establish yourself as a reliable contractor, not to mention that people will become more interested in your past projects, making it more likely that they will contact you.

Posting photos and even videos that showcase your most important projects will create engagement and interaction, which will lead to increased brand awareness and word of mouth, plus a lot more page likes, followers, and customers. To make the most of this strategy, don’t forget to include a few words about the project your company worked on, along with a link to your website people can access to see full details and other photos as well.

Construction companies can take advantage of Facebook’s features in many ways. Having a strong presence on this social network is important to growing your business, particularly because so many individuals are now spending more time socializing on Facebook. With the right strategy in mind, your business can thrive and become a more authoritative entity in your local area, thereby increasing revenue as well.

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