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It’s Customer Service Week!

customer service weekOctober 7-11, 2019 is National Customer Service Week. In 1992, the US Congress declared that the first full week in October would be set aside to honor people who work in customer service.

It’s a hard job. I’d be lying if I said that I was always polite and friendly when dealing with customer service. We get it: people call customer service when they have a problem, so they are already upset. 

We value our customer service team, and we are committed to offering human beings in the United States to help our customers. We work hard to make our platform easy to use so that people won’t need to make calls in the first place, but we know that things happen.

It may be Customer Service Week, but that doesn’t mean we can’t show appreciation on the spot all year long! Please give a rating after you receive service from us. It really matters and helps keep us on our toes.

We also know this: our customer service team is awesome! Happy Customer Service Week!