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Brink’s Partners with Bento for Business to Transform Employee Spending and Expense Management

Bento to provide Brink’s customers with business debit cards tied to an easy, elegant expense management platform

Brink’s and Bento for Business, the award winning provider of expense management solutions, today introduced the Brink’s Travel & Expense Debit Card. The Brink’s T+E debit card, powered by Bento, enables companies to quickly and easily set specific spending parameters for each employee and tie expenses into a complete management platform. The announcement was made on September 14th at FinovateFall 2017 in New York City.

Bento provides Brink’s customers with smart debit cards that can be controlled remotely via a computer or phone in real time. The Brink’s T+E debit card allows businesses to set each employee’s spending limits by day, week, or month and restricts when and where cards can be used, helping to prevent employee expense leaks before they occur. For example, an employee might be allowed to use his or her corporate debit card to pay for gas at the pump but not to purchase snacks and drinks at the store inside the gas station. Any unauthorized transactions are simply declined. Employers can turn cards on or off with a single click while employees assume no personal liability, risk, or credit checks.

Brink’s T+E debit cards are tied into Bento’s industry leading expense management platform, which offers administrators access to a powerful, easy-to-read dashboard that gives them quick insight into employee spending. The platform provides highly customizable two-way alerts to keep businesses informed of unexpected activity and syncs seamlessly with Intuit Quickbooks® in a single click to ensure that accounts are always accurate and up-to-date. Additionally, employees benefit from the ability to take pictures of their receipts to automatically submit charges, eliminating the need for filling out and reviewing time-consuming expense reports.

“Fraud and expense mismanagement can absolutely destroy a business,” said Dominik Bossart, Senior Vice-President at Brink’s who is heading Brink’s Global Payments. “We partnered with Bento because its innovative solution protects businesses in the best possible ways. Its debit cards make life far simpler for employees while providing organizations with outstanding control and greater accuracy in expense reporting.”

The Brink’s Travel + Expense business debit expense management platform and business debit card solution reduces fraud and other misuse of funds, saves hours of administrative time each week, and provides much needed clarity on cash and expense flow.

“Brink’s is an ideal partner for us in that every product it introduces is directed at solving significant pain points for thousands of small and medium businesses,” said Farhan Ahmad, CEO of Bento. “We share that philosophy and together we can empower these businesses by solving their everyday challenges in very simple ways that make a dramatic impact on the bottom line.”

The new Brink’s T+E debit card powered by Bento joins Brink’s suite of payment solutions, now available to customers nationwide online at and direct marketing channels.

About The Brink’s Company
The Brink’s Company is the world’s premier provider of secure logistics and security solutions including cash-in-transit, ATM services, cash management services (including vault outsourcing, money processing and intelligent safe services), international transportation of valuables, and payment services. Our customers include financial institutions, retailers, government agencies, mints, jewelers and other commercial operations. Our global network of operations in 40 countries serve customers in more than 100 countries. For more information, please visit our website at or call 804-289-9709.

About Bento for Business
Bento for Business provides financial solutions that fit small businesses, combining the security of a bank with the ease and convenience of a modern technology company. Bento provides small business owners with much needed controls and better features than more expensive and cumbersome enterprise solutions. The company’s founders have their roots in large financial services firms such as Barclays, JPMorgan Chase, Blackhawk Network, and Discover Card. Based in San Francisco and Chicago, Bento is venture backed. Learn more at or call 866-220-8455.

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