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5 Reasons Why Your Employees Will Love the New Bento App

Empowered Employees Are Happy Employees Are Productive Employees

What makes your employees happy? While the conventional wisdom attributes employee satisfaction to a fat paycheck, it’s not always the case. As per a recent study, economists at the University of Warwick discovered employee happiness could lead to a 12% increase in overall productivity.

When it comes to the employee satisfaction index in a small business setting, business expenses play a crucial role in empowering employees. When there is no streamlining of company expenses, employees end up wasting their time worrying over transaction receipts and explaining each and every transaction to their boss.

If you’re a small business, you may already be familiar with this time-consuming and now unnecessary scenario.

So, how do you help your employees break free from the ongoing hassle of managing business expenses and actually focus on their core work and allow you to do the same?

Welcome to the Bento for Business Card! Designed exclusively for small business owners and their employees, this smart, efficient (and possibly free) tool helps your employees streamline their purchases. Moreover, the Bento app is an easy option for employees to update their expenses and manage their spending in ways they’ve never experienced before.

Here’s why small business employees will love the Bento App.

1. No Bugging Your Boss Over Expenses (or Vice Versa)

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Business owners give each employee a Bento card and set a limit on how much an employee can spend per day/week/month and what they can buy via category limits. Then, with the Bento app, the employee already knows how much he/she has at his/her disposal and at what types of stores he or she can use the card.

Employees can spend on business purchases comfortably, knowing the available balance accessible by their Bento card. Hence, they are less likely to call up their boss from the cash register and pester them for money, interrupting both of your productivity.

This is just one time savings benefit of using Bento.

2. Transaction Tags Make Accounting Super Easy

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The Bento app is convenient in that it allows employees to assign tags to transactions on the go. These tags are created by the business owner in advance via the desktop application, thereby eliminating any chances of duplicate tags their employees might create.

This helps business owners sort numerous transactions by tags and makes year-end accounting super easy.

Another way the Bento app saves you countless hours, which you could invest into your business and improve productivity.

3. Capture Receipts – Say Goodbye to Expense Reports


Say goodbye to those days when your employees would produce expense reports for the transactions they carried out for your business.

Dealing with expense reports is not only complex but very time consuming as well. With the Bento app, your employees can capture pictures of receipts at the POS (Point of Sale) and upload them. These receipts are immediately accessible to business owners via the desktop app, and real-time purchase alerts mean business owners know immediately when an employee makes a purchase. Business owners LOVE this real-time visibility for various reasons, such as ensuring purchases are being made in alignment with timelines, and budgeting. Accountants love that they don’t have to become a “receipt enforcer” with employees.

No more boxes of receipts or scrambling for misplaced receipts come year-end tax accounting.

4. Write a Note – Avoid a 10-minute Explanation

One of the many great features of the Bento app is that it lets you add Notes to transactions. With transaction Notes, your employees can explain purchases and add mileage right when it happens (at the gas pump).

Employees will love that they can avoid lengthy explanations about purchases by jotting down a Note explaining purchases. Both Notes and Tags are completely searchable via Bento’s “SMART Search” from within the Bento desktop application Transaction screen, which means finding any transaction is now a breeze. Need to know what you paid for an item to put together a new quote, just search for it in Bento.

5. No More Fronting Money

With Notes, Tags and Bento’s SMART search, your expense management system is now an asset, not a time-sink. It’s easy, powerful and time-efficient.
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Gone are the days when your employees would front for the business expenses and apply for reimbursements at the end of the month. Not only is it inconvenient for some, it’s also prone to embezzlement.

The Bento Card empowers your employees to spend on transactions more responsibly, which saves their time. Since they already add Tags and Notes to transactions, and upload the transaction receipts at the POS (Point of Sale), you’re in total control of the business expenses, and employees are in total control of their time and money.

Final Thoughts

Bento Cards are one of the smartest business tools many small businesses are adopting to help their employees save time and focus on getting more done in less time.

From an employer’s perspective, Bento card is the new business credit card sans any personal guarantee, that delivers control, visibility and time & money savings.

It is not only more secure than a business credit card but offers your employees a high degree of empowerment and satisfaction as well, which results in more productivity for all.

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