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5 Things Sole Proprietors Should Automate or Outsource ASAP

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by Shuyi Shang, Accounting Community Manager at Bento for Business   One of the topics that comes up most when I talk to our CPA and accounting clients is time: they want more of it. But the universe is stingy. So I decided to ask some people who always seem to get stuff done on time what they recommend. Turns out, it’s two things: automation and outsourcing. Here are five things you can automate or…

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5 Reasons Why Your Employees Will Love the New Bento App

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Empowered Employees Are Happy Employees Are Productive Employees What makes your employees happy? While the conventional wisdom attributes employee satisfaction to a fat paycheck, it’s not always the case. As per a recent study, economists at the University of Warwick discovered employee happiness could lead to a 12% increase in overall productivity. When it comes to the employee satisfaction index in a small business setting, business expenses play a crucial role in empowering employees. When…

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Top 10 Online Reputation Management Tools for Small Businesses

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If you own a small business, you’re probably already aware of the importance of your online reputation. Positive reviews drive more customers to your business, while negative reviews may drive them away. Today, just by typing a few sentences and hitting “done,” anyone has the power to damage the reputation of your business. Fortunately, there are tools you can use to defend your business and its online reputation. From expensive reputation repair services to tools…

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Top 5 Small Business Accounting Software Choices

By | Accounting, Finance, Software

There are a myriad of accounting tools available on the market, with various features and benefits. However, some of them stand out due to their advanced features, ease of use, reliability and utility. Here are our current top five small business accounting software choices. 1. Fresh Books: highly rated by its users, this tool offers everything you need, from unlimited invoicing and bill management to multi-currency billing and mobile apps. 2. QuickBooks: the first name…

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Top 5 Software Choices for Event Planners

By | Event Planning, Software

Event planners don’t have it easy. Planning venue layouts, calculating budgets, selecting catering companies, remembering appointments, keeping contact information, and creating promotional materials is enough to make the best of us pull out hair out – and that’s not even the half of it. Luckily, some companies recognized this and decided to give event planners a break. We gathered a list of the 5 best event planning tools currently on the market to help save…

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