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Scaling New Heights… of Inspiration and Community

By | Accounting, Company News, Finance, Marketing

by Shuyi Shang, Accounting Community Manager at Bento for Business   Last month I attended Scaling New Heights, a popular conference in the accounting industry. The theme was “Tame the Machines,” but what struck me most was the people I met there. And more to the point, I was inspired by how passionate they were about their work and the people they serve. So inspired, in fact, that I wanted to capture some of what…

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What Can Small Businesses Learn From Apple?

By | Education, Marketing, Small Business, Strategy

When it comes to building a successful business, it’s important to stay hungry, foolish, and inspired. There are many successful brands in the world to draw your inspiration from; however, none of them are quite as influential as Apple. While Apple has launched many successful products since its inception, the historic success of the iPhone has given the company a cult status in the global technology industry. Recently, Apple’s new release of the iPhone 8…

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A Labor Day To-Do List for Small Businesses

By | Event Planning, Marketing, Small Business, Strategy

Labor Day, which coincides with the end of summer, reminds us to enjoy one more long weekend vacation, picnic or parade before the weather cools. However, the cherished holiday continues to serve an important purpose—celebrating the social and economic achievements of American workers. According to the United States Census Bureau, there are 159.8 million wage and salary workers in the country as of May 2017. For most American SMBs, Labor Day can be a chance for both reflection and transition….

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SMB SEO: How to Build Backlinks for your SMB

By | Education, Growth, Marketing, Small Business

Link building has remained the foundation of search engine optimization efforts for all types of business entities regardless of their size. However, the quality of links and the methods of acquisition have changed over the past several years. In SEO, backlinks are essentially links your website receives from external websites for being an authority source within your niche. Technically, search engines consider backlinks as a sign of trust and incorporate them as a ranking signal…

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When is Small Business Saturday 2016? – Everything You Need to Know

By | Marketing, Small Business

Observed on the Saturday after Thanksgiving Day every year, Small Business Saturday is an American shopping holiday that falls between the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the busiest shopping periods of the year. For 2016, Small Business Saturday has been scheduled on November 29th, the Saturday post Black Friday. A Brief History of Small Business Saturday Started in 2010 by the American Express, Small Business Saturday is essentially an acknowledgement to the significant role small…

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Small Business Saturday Marketing Ideas

By | Marketing, Small Business

Pioneered by American Express corporation in 2010, Small Business Saturday was created in support of the brick and mortar businesses. It’s held on the Saturday right after Thanksgiving. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a huge opportunity for big shopping malls and e-commerce sites to pull in customers, Small Business Saturday offers small and medium businesses an enormous platform to entice quite a few customers around the holiday season to visit, primarily, their physical…

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Building Customer Loyalty Through Online Emotional Engagement

By | Marketing

Most business owners understand that loyal customers are the key to long-term sustainable business growth. But loyalty is far more important than that. Loyal customers help grow your brand, get new customers for you at no cost, and perhaps most significantly, loyal customers are six times more likely to give a brand the benefit of the doubt in uncertain circumstances. Case in point: Apple’s transgressions are frequently forgiven by it’s loyal customer base but Microsoft…

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How to Keep Your Construction Business Busy During the Winter

By | Bento Tips, Construction, Marketing

The winter season brings its usual slow onset of business, but it doesn’t mean contractors have to go into hibernation. There are plenty of opportunities to stay busy and be profitable in the offseason Being able to maximize your business’ effectiveness during the offseason for any contractor or company is one of the pillars of a long and profitable career. There are many companies who deserve credit for having honed a razor sharp sense of…

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How Construction Businesses Use Facebook for Marketing

By | Construction, Marketing

According to the “Social Media for Asphalt Companies” webinar held by the National Asphalt Pavement Association, roughly 16.6 percent of all time Americans spend online is devoted to social networking sites – of these, Facebook is the most visited, accounting for seven hours a month of individuals’ time. This makes it a prime platform for small businesses to market themselves, construction industry included. Facebook offers a whole new business realm that makes hyper sharing a…

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