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17 Red Flags Your Client Is Hiding Something

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Part of the job of any bookkeeper or tax preparer is to keep an eye out for fraud. Ignoring warning signs in a client’s finances could leave you on the hook for charges related to tax fraud, which could lead to fines, loss of your license to practice, and even (in extreme cases) jail time. But what exactly counts as a “warning sign?” Some are pretty obvious and some are more subtle. Here are 17…

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Keep your receipts! Credit and debit card receipts are still important

By | Accounting, Education, Guest Post

Stephanie Thomas is a certified public accountant (CPA) with expertise in state and local tax (SALT) issues. She wrote this guest post on why it’s important for you to keep a good record of your receipts. Picture it! The time: Tomorrow. The place: Anywhere, USA. A taxpayer is being audited by a state taxing authority. Everything is in order except for one thing: the auditor wants you to prove that sales tax was paid when your…

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#RecipeForSuccess: Southern-Fried Relationships

By | Education, Guest Post, Strategy

by Richard Roppa writing for Bento for Business. Contribution to Intuit QuickBooks #RecipeForSuccess Series   Hands down!  Going into business for myself was the best move I have ever made.  I am both in charge of my own destiny and happier than I have ever been in my career.  But how do I put my thoughts into a “recipe”? On the Intuit Firm of the Future blog, I found a slew of amazing #RecipeForSuccess articles….

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Engagement Letter Lingo – Say What You Mean!

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Susan Pruskin, a Top 100 QuickBooks ProAdvisor who writes for ClockShark, created this helpful post on how to write good engagement letters. (It’s harder than you think!)   An engagement letter is an absolute necessity in any service business. Your client must know exactly what to expect from you. Words can be tricky little things, especially if they are ambiguous. Be specific to eliminate any misunderstandings. Source Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer. I don’t even play…

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What Can Small Businesses Learn From Apple?

By | Education, Marketing, Small Business, Strategy

When it comes to building a successful business, it’s important to stay hungry, foolish, and inspired. There are many successful brands in the world to draw your inspiration from; however, none of them are quite as influential as Apple. While Apple has launched many successful products since its inception, the historic success of the iPhone has given the company a cult status in the global technology industry. Recently, Apple’s new release of the iPhone 8…

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Accounting Professionals: Don’t Miss These Upcoming Conferences

By | Accounting, Bento Tips, Education, Event Planning, Finance, Growth

Thanks to the technological revolutions over the recent years, the accounting industry has witnessed a paradigm shift in processes and practices. Whether you’re a professional bookkeeper, accountant, CPA executive or business finance professional, you should upgrade your professional skills throughout your career to sustain growth and avoid stagnation. These days, that often includes keeping your accounting technology relevant and effective. Attending popular accounting conferences is not only a great way to network and get the…

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SMB SEO: How to Build Backlinks for your SMB

By | Education, Growth, Marketing, Small Business

Link building has remained the foundation of search engine optimization efforts for all types of business entities regardless of their size. However, the quality of links and the methods of acquisition have changed over the past several years. In SEO, backlinks are essentially links your website receives from external websites for being an authority source within your niche. Technically, search engines consider backlinks as a sign of trust and incorporate them as a ranking signal…

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School Administrators Give Teachers The Classroom Supplies They Need

By | Education

School Admin’s Use Prepaid Business Debit Cards to Track Supply Purchases   With schools across the country getting back in session, as a school administrator you’re probably already thinking about your expense management systems for the next school year. In fact, in your role you work all year round to ensure that students, teachers and other staff have a smooth school year, so you’ve probably been thinking about it all summer! How do you ensure…

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