Terms and Conditions: Complete a demo, get $100

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July 2019

We want you to feel confident about every tool you introduce to your business, and that’s why we invite you to book a live demo today with a friendly team member from Bento for Business.

As a thank you, we will mail you a $100 Bento card, which you may use anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

Here is how you qualify for this offer:

  1. Schedule a demo with Bento for Business via this unique promo link: tiny.cc/bento100.
  2. Attend and complete your scheduled demo, which should take about 20 minutes.
  3. Provide an address where we can mail you your Bento card.
  4. Be a verified business owner or senior decision maker that can influence the implementation of Bento in your business. Acceptable roles include but are not limited to: founder, owner, C-suite executive, director, manager, administrator.
  5. The business you represent must be registered in the U.S.
  6. The business you represent should spend a minimum of $4,000/month on business purchases.

Please note:

  • Only one Bento card will be issued per business.
  • Bento for Business reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time. If we terminate the program, you will still receive your $100 Bento card for a demo completed before the termination date.