Gas Cards And Fuel Cards: How Business Debit Cards Can Be Configured To Control And Manage Small Fleet Fuel Expenses

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If any of your employees incur fuel expenses as part of their role, you probably already know what a headache the expense process can be, whether you manage a small fleet of vehicles or just a handful of salespeople on the road. You may have considered using large fleet fuel cards for small business use, but didn’t want to circumnavigate their limitations such as: They can only be used at “in network” gas stations They…

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Business Prepaid Debit Cards: The Business Credit Card Alternative Preferred By Small Business Owners

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Business Prepaid Debit Cards vs. Credit Cards For small business owners, managing employee expenses can be a minefield, especially as a business expands and individual employee expense requirements grow. The business credit card used to be the standard option, if you could even qualify.  But now the business prepaid debit card, sometimes referred to as the prepaid credit card, is fast becoming the most popular business credit card alternative. Employee credit cards bring a number…

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10 Tips to Reduce Construction Employee Fraud

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Employee theft isn’t necessarily very common, but in some cases, it’s good to have some sort of plan to prevent it or deal with it once it’s happened. The best defense is of course having good, trustworthy employees. However, larger companies have a harder time getting to know all of their employees. If you do happen to have any issues with employee theft, or think that it could end up being a problem, here are…

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