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Event Planners: Your Secret Weapon for Holiday Party Expenses

By December 15, 2015 October 16th, 2019 No Comments

holiday last minute event expensesAs an event planner, you’re approaching one of your busiest times of year! Holiday party season is bound to be a crazy period for you, and with that comes a considerable amount of stress. When things are that busy, it’s more likely that things will be missed or mistakes made.

Whether it’s a corporate or private holiday party, if things go wrong you risk losing your client’s patronage, and possibly your reputation.

Last Minute Holiday Party Expenses

However well-organized your event may be, you know very well that there are usually last-minute purchases that need to be made on the day of the event itself.

Perhaps there’s been a mix-up with the glassware suppliers, and they’re asking for payment up-front to release the glasses. Or you realize you haven’t ordered enough champagne, or flowers, and someone needs to run out and get some extras.

Transportation can really be an issue around holiday season, so if you’ve arranged for guests to be transported to the venue but some miss the boat, so to speak, your client will be expecting you to arrange an alternative.

Maybe there were some crossed wires at the venue. What you believed was included in the price actually isn’t, and they need an extra payment. As a professional event planner, this isn’t a likely scenario, but crazier things have happened. There are so many last-minute hitches that can have an impact on your event. In these cases, your immediate objective is to smooth things over.

The problem is, you can’t be everywhere at once, so quite often you’ll need a member of your team to deal with it. This, of course, brings up the question of how to pay for last-minute holiday party expenses.

Handing out your corporate credit card is always a risk for both your business and personal credit.

Checks are awkward because you might not know the exact amount when you hand your checkbook over (and there’s no way you want to be sending people out with blank checks!), plus of course the suppliers in question might not even accept checks.

Cash can be lost too easily, and if your staff forget to bring back the receipt, you have nothing that can prove the extra expenses to your client.

Your Bento Solution

The Bento prepaid MasterCard is a business debit card that removes all your concerns around last-minute event planning expenses during the holiday party season. It doesn’t risk your credit at all, either business or personal, and you can hand out cards to your event planning staff with complete confidence. Not only do you have complete control over the amount that’s spent, you can even set a limit on where each card can be used, with just one click, and of course, turn cards on or off. So even if you’re busy at an event, you can access the Bento Dashboard and immediately reduce limits, top up cards and even switch off completely if the worst happens and your employee loses the card.

About Bento for Business

Bento for Business offers a new generation of technology-driven SMART employee expense cards for SMBs, nonprofits, organizations and associations in the form of a business prepaid MasterCard. You can set monthly spend limits and allow only certain purchase categories (e.g. Bob the project manager can only spend $500/week and the card only works to purchase gas, hotels and at the hardware store). Turn cards on/off in real-time and receive SMS text message or email alerts for every purchase or decline. Enjoy unmatched visibility into cash flow, eliminate expense reports, and save time & money. Use this link to learn more and start your FREE 60-day trial of Bento’s business prepaid cards.