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Bento has been reviewed by hundreds of happy customers of our business debit card solution. We’re proud to say that our passion in service and product innovation set us apart, and it’s reflected in our industry-leading scores on top independent financial sites and business review sites.

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Bento has earned high ratings on top software review sites including G2, TrustPilot and Capterra. We have received perfect 5-star ratings from accounting professionals on the Intuit QuickBooks App Store.

  • Shana Macey

    Crown Point Telephone

    “We wanted a solution for our construction crew when they were out of town on projects. These cards worked great! They all used the mobile app to upload receipts as they made purchases, so there was no ‘nagging or chasing’ that needed to be done by the accounting department. And these funds are separate so in the event, someone lost a card, there would be minimal damage to the company’s finances.”

  • Timothy Bliler

    Sonic Limosine

    “Bento is the best. I was looking for a company who can provide us cards so we can limit our drivers gas expense, Bento was the easiest less complicated and most professional company. The employees are professional. It’s hard to display great customer service through chat sessions but the employees were able to do that each time. They take their time to answer all questions asked. I will definitely recommend Bento to anyone in need.”

  • Jessica Gomez

    H&A Transit

    “Excellent Business Tool and Customer Service! This has been a great tool for our small business. I am able to use an app on my phone which keeps me updated, as well as, viewing all the transactions from employees online. This is user-friendly and easy to maintain and understand. The customer service is excellent, they take the time to address my concerns and find solutions! I recommend this company to anyone needing these services!”

  • Michele Virgo

    Operations Concanon

    “Bento cards have simplified our business spending immensely. We can now offer company credit cards to our employees as one of their benefits. Spending limits allow for control of funds and restriction of categories. The customer service can’t be beat!”

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Coming up on a year of using Bento. still one of the best decisions we have ever made to control spending, reduce paperwork processing time, and manage our books. Thanks!!”

Kevin Pearce

Boston Area Door Company

“Using Bento has allowed our construction and maintenance company to save time and money dealing with reimbursement checks and material purchases. Love that we can control spend limits and categories for each card and change on the fly as needed. They are constantly adding new features and improvements to save book keeping time as well. Highly recommend.”

Megan Davis

Prime Building Services

“Bento has saved our organization countless hours of reconciling receipts and tracking employee spending. Our employees love it because they don’t have to spend their money and wait for reimbursement and the card and smartphone app are easy to use. Any time we’ve had questions or issues they’re resolved in minutes. The online chat function for support is GREAT!”

Jason Hemingway

Vacation Consulting Services

“Our company has been transformed with these new Bento cards. We no longer have to worry about cash being unaccounted for. The best part is that our crew members can take pictures of their receipts and upload them into their Bento app on the spot! Every penny is accounted for and our year end accounting is so much easier!”

Lorena Gonzalez

Hotel & Commercial Renovations

“I love it!! In my logistics business it was hard to keep track of what my drivers needed on the road and getting ready for work. But with Bento they all have a card that they are able to use for expenses and I am able to keep track of everything now. Best investment I have made starting my business.”

Carlos Garcia

E Transportation Service

“If you are a small business owner who likes to follow the same philosophy of “less debt” in business as you do in your personal life, Bento is a fantastic tool to help you stick to a budget! Thanks, Bento! You’re a remarkable tool for my business!”

Kate Smalley

Connecticut Secretary

“We wanted an easy way to track gas on a small fleet plus give the ability for oil changes or pick up material if needed. With out giving them an actual credit card with unlimited spending. This gives us the ability to limit when and what they can buy. Plus each month the report can be printed and costs assigned to each job.”

Joseph Regler

Automated Controls

“Having the Bento Card has helped us streamline our processes and made it easier for members in different departments make their purchases without delay. We always have a record of charges, even when a receipt is lost…having this card is a win win!”

Ruth Washington

Sword of the Spirit

“Before we found Bento, the whole “petty cash” for over 50 employees who travel extensively was the bane of my existence! Now, with Bento, everything is so easy. The customer service has been extraordinary, truthfully. I have always gotten an actual person any time I’ve called, and 100% follow up with every question I’ve had.”

Katie Du Verney

American Fireworks Company

“As a re-habber, my crew uses Bento daily for permits, gas and unexpected purchases. It saves me time because I don’t have to go to my crew to deliver funds or chase receipts. The dashboard is user friendly and the controls are super easy. I can shutoff expenses, turn cards off and even select on which days the cards work.”

Tyler W.


“Bento has provided our company with an easier way of providing petty cash to our employees. They have created an easier way to track spending, reload our managers with funds upon their needs and their online and phone apps are incredibly easy to use!”

Katie Martiney


“Easy with Bento. Super easy to manage. Very pleased with my service as well.”

Claudia Ponce

One Stop Shop

“Bento is great product for company employee cost management. I would highly recommend this card for small business owners.”

Dan Conahan

Provide A Nurse

“I love the simplicity of the bento system. Keeps my techs accountable for their purchase orders (receipts).”

Robyn R.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing

“The ease of using the program, the fact that I can export the information into a spread sheet, and the way I can monitor and control what the drivers use the card for, is great! We already were able to determine some unauthorized use. Thanks, Bento”

J. Tomaselli

Dependable Building Services

“Bento has been great for our church! We needed a system in which each department had funds to use, but could not overspend. Before Bento, we were having a difficult time staying within our budgets.”

Tammy Payne

Calvalry Tabernacle Church

“User friendly website. Makes giving 15 superintendents company spending cards so easy.”

J. T. Hatcher

RCI America

“I have been very impressed with my “Bento for Business” card and the many features that I am able to control via the web app. The ability to track my expenses as well as those of my additional card holders allows for precise accountability. I especially like that I can set spending limits and restrictions on the type of products that can be purchased with the individual card holders.”

Nelson Magana

Magana And Associates

“We have used Bento for our small business for a few years now and we are very pleased. It is easy to use and it integrates with our accounting software. We find it excellent for the price and highly recommend Bento.”

Janice Seydel

Brinson Benefits

“I LOVE that I can see in real time what they are spending and where. I’ve been able to place limits, and then modify as needed. Recently, a tech went over his limit – I logged on from my phone and was able to adjust his limit so he could immediately finish his transaction. I HIGHLY recommend Bento to any business owner, but especially small/medium businesses where we need control, yet we allow autonomy from our employees. Switch to Bento!”

Robyn Roth

Tim & Robyn Roth

“We’ve been using the Bento service for about 2 years now, and I didn’t expect it to be quite such a good experience when we signed up. We have 4-5 employees working in the bay area of California, it helps out on many levels. Easy to track and see purchases online and if you’re super tight on cash you can control the individual types of purchases. It’s been a great experience and has improved cash flow over the last couple years. I’ve recommended it to several other business owners.”

Benjamin Reid

Reid Construction

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