Refillable gas cards are one of the best ways to get a better handle on your company’s gas expenses. Most traditional gas cards are designed for large companies with many vehicles. If your company is small with just a few vehicles, the fees included with traditional gas cards may make them impractical. Bento for Business offers refillable fuel cards designed especially for small businesses just like yours.

How reloadable gas cards work

One of the best things about reloadable fuel cards from Bento for Business is that you can set daily, weekly or monthly limits for each card, allowing you to better track your fuel expenses as well as which employees are using the most fuel on a regular basis. You can even limit the card so your employees can only use them at the gas pump, not inside the store for snacks or other purchases.

Refillable gas cards from Bento for Business are secure, using SSL encryption. They also come with up to $250,000 in FDIC insurance, something most refillable fuel cards do not offer. This protects you should something go wrong and lets you know that the money on deposit with Bento for Business is safe from theft and fraud.

What puts Bento for Business ahead of the competition

Because Bento for Business refillable gas cards is designed for small businesses, their fees are lower. You can sign up for the service in as little as 60-seconds and can have cards for up to ten employees for as little as $29.95. They even offer a free demo of the service so you can learn how it works and there is also a 60-day free trial. This gives you two months to learn why refillable gas cards from Bento for Business are your best option.

Your reloadable gas cards are also accepted around the world since they carry the Visa logo. You also have peace of mind knowing that you can add funds to the reloadable gas cards 24/7 so your employees are never stranded without access to fuel.

Prevent fraud and theft with refillable gas cards

One of the most important reasons to invest in refillable gas cards is that you can get a better handle on employee expenses. If you do have an employee who is making fraudulent purchases, you can identify the problem quickly and easily. Using the mobile app, you can remove or add any employees instantly. The mobile app also allows you to better track employee expenses and eliminate the need for reimbursement forms. Employees can pad their expense reports, including receipts for fuel for their personal vehicle in order to increase the amount you reimburse them. Using gas cards, you can be sure that you are only paying for fuel used for company purposes.

Get started today and try Bento for free

Bento for Business is available to assist you 24/7, through their website or by phone. You can find commonly asked questions on the Bento support page and their customer service staff is available to help you, Monday through Friday from 5 AM until 6 PM PST if you have a problem with your refillable gas cards.

Refillable fuel cards are the perfect answer if you need to get a handle on the fuel costs in your business. Bento for Business offers one of the best Visa debit cards available. Contact them today to learn more about trying refillable gas cards free for 60 days. You can reach them by calling 866.220.8455 or you can complete the simple form online to learn more.

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