If your business owns a small fleet of vehicles that your employees must use for business purposes, giving them prepaid fuel cards can help you to keep their fuel purchases in check while also giving them the flexibility that they need. The prepaid gas cards at Bento for Business offer multiple features that make them more attractive than traditional gas cards.

What type of prepaid fuel card is offered at Bento for Business?

Traditional gas cards are offered by different gas companies to entice customers so that they make all of their gas and convenience-store purchases at branded stores. Normally credit cards, applying for traditional gas cards means that your credit score will be impacted. You might be turned down if you have any issues in your credit history, and the traditional cards usually also have high interest rates and fees attached to them (can be 15% or higher).

Unlike traditional gas cards, the prepaid fuel cards at Bento for Business are not credit cards. Instead, they are reloadable fuel cards that work like debit cards. After you select the number of prepaid gas cards that your employees need, you then deposit money onto each individual card using our app. You can set the available limits on each card and cap how much each employee can spend per day and per week. When an employee’s card balance is getting low, the reloadable fuel cards can be refilled by you from your mobile device at any time.

Purchase-level spending controls with prepaid fuel cards

While there are other prepaid gas cards on the market, the prepaid fuel cards at Bento for Business offer a unique purchase-level control capability. These prepaid fuel cards allow you to limit the types of purchases that your employees can make on their cards. You can stop employees from buying other items when they stop to fill up with gas by limiting them to pay-at-the-pump purchases. You can also choose to allow them to use their cards to make minor vehicle repairs if they are needed.

Whenever you want to see what is being spent on your cards, you can do so by logging into your account. From your account dashboard, you will see every employee’s card and balance. You can click on individual cards for a detailed transaction history. This ability to see the types and amounts of transactions can help you to make adjustments to your budget. It can also help you to identify spending categories that need to be trimmed so that you can lower your overall business costs.

Unique features of Bento’s reloadable fuel cards

There are several other features of these cards that make them attractive for small business owners. Your deposits will be FDIC-insured for amounts ranging up to $250,000. Bento for Business also uses the same type of high-level encryption that banks use, helping to increase your security. We offer a free 60-day trial to small businesses that want to try out our cards before making a decision. After that, you can enjoy using up to 10 cards for as little as $29 per month, and we do not charge you interest on your purchases.

Learn more by contacting Bento for Business

As a fleet owner, you need your employees to be able to purchase fuel while they are out driving for you. These are Mastercards and can be used at locations across the U.S. To learn more about the benefits of our prepaid fuel cards, call us today at 866 289-1104 or start your 60-day free trial online.

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