Prepaid Debit Cards Match Small Business Success

The modern business world is a far cry from its predecessors. Today, companies that want to succeed must adopt unique operating models that let them make unified decisions without losing their flexibility.

Whether you’re at the helm of a growing digital media company or a traditional retail shop, your payment methodologies must adapt. Here’s why switching to prepaid debit cards could be the ideal way to stay on your toes.

Prepaid debit cards solve a unique structural challenge

For many entrepreneurs, relinquishing control is one of the biggest problems with running a business. Although they still remain at the helm, business leaders are increasingly reliant on distributed work forces, freelancers, contractors and other nontraditional employees.

For contemporary small business owners, this poses a special kind of quandary. Although you can benefit from letting your teams work at their own pace and exercise autonomy, you still have to keep tabs on the bottom line.

Prepaid debit cards grant you the ability to set spending limits that keep your staff in check without micromanagement. Some prepaid debit cards let you use a simple app dashboard to benchmark expenditures and improve performance in real time.

Debit cards are small-business solutions that actually cater to small companies

Many small businesses have to deal with payment solutions that weren’t designed for their needs, and they suffer various adverse impacts as a result. According to Forbes, for instance, startups may struggle to obtain credit cards even when they possess adequate funding. Financial institutions like banks have also been known to offer small businesses limited versions of what they provide for bigger companies.

Such customs leave a lot to be desired. In addition to having to work harder to obtain a payment solution, entrepreneurs often discover that their credit cards fall short of their needs. It makes sense that more companies are switching to prepaid debit cards that with common accounting tools:

  • Aren’t dependent on some arbitrary credit rating standard
  • Include out-of-the-box integrations with common accounting tools
  • Come with apps designed to make analytics and oversight easy, and
  • Include built-in customization features instead of forcing firms to pay extra for services they should get by default.

Business debit cards make accounting mobile

Growing mobility is another interesting trend in the evolution of small business. In addition to marketing to digital audiences, entrepreneurs have to make themselves more available and operate on the go due to the increasing prevalence of technology.

Consumers are accustomed to instant gratification, so they want the ability to make direct contact with your brand’s representatives on demand. In short, you won’t always have the time or capacity to supervise your staff directly and still answer to your clientele. Business debit cards, which are similar to prepaid debit cards, can help grant you the liberty to be everywhere at once.

Small business owners have their hands full enough dealing with daily minutiae. With prepaid debit cards, they can free themselves to satisfy client demands and still keep a finger on the pulse of their operations. By setting individual and group spending limits beforehand and reloading their Bento for Business Visa debit cards remotely from wherever they happen to be, they make their lives infinitely easier and decrease the cost of accurate accounting.

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