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Top 5 Small Business Accounting Software Choices


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There are a myriad of accounting tools available on the market, with various features and benefits. However, some of them stand out due to their advanced features, ease of use, reliability and utility. Here are our current top five small business accounting software choices.

1. Fresh Books: highly rated by its users, this tool offers everything you need, from unlimited invoicing and bill management to multi-currency billing and mobile apps.

2. QuickBooks: the first name that comes to people’s minds when they think of small business accounting offers good value for the money. They offer a plethora of features for both small businesses and accountants. With QuickBooks you can easily keep track of the money coming in and out of your company. Moreover, you can connect your credit card, bank account, and apps to have everything in one place. To top it all, everything is backed up for you for free.

3. Zoho: although the most expensive out of the 5 tools listed, Zoho is one of the few to offer a Windows Mobile app, document management and lead management.

4. Wave: this great package seeks to be a truly free easy-to-use accounting solution.  They achieve that by selling add-on services like payroll, and also enabling third party offers which their users can take advantage of.

5. Xero: another top-quality accounting software that allows you to enjoy real-time view of your cashflow. They have lots of happy small business customers, and were named by Forbes as the most innovative growth company in the world in 2014.

By no means, should you only consider these five.  Quality solutions exist from providers like Kashoo, AccountEdge, Outright, SageOne and WorkingPoint, and any of them may be the right one for your business.  Choosing the right small business accounting software for you can help you save time while drastically reducing manual work needed to ensure that your small business is properly managed and accounted for. A wise choice will pay dividends for your business for years.

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