Bento For Business

Business Spending Management Solutions

Expense management is strategic only when considered as part of business spending management solutions.

Business Spending Management Solutions is managing expenditure for both direct and indirect spend categories. A robust Spend Management includes the use of best in class technology and methodologies enabling organizations to optimize the cost, quality, and the performance of revenue and profits. Bento for Business has the system designed to manage your business spending while converting processes into Analytics and Reporting, Accounting Integration, with the help of Receipt Capture when using Bento Cards. The icing on the cake is, it can be done from your phone with our Bento Mobile App. Expense management truly is strategic when Bento for Business is considered as part of spend management.


Analytics and Reporting 

Our real-time reporting lets you see who is spending money and where they are spending it. This allows you to track the expense side of your budget while ensuring that employees adhere to policies. Faster reporting leads to more accurate forecasting. Set custom tags to track what’s important to you. The analytics help you identify opportunities to work with suppliers to further manage costs.


Accounting Integration for Business Spending Management Solutions

When using Bento for Business for your business spending management solutions, you have information at your fingertips. Simplify your bookkeeping and speed up monthly closing with the new transactions page in our app that provides different views: Reporting view and Accounting focused view with enhanced functionality. Bento not only simplifies expense management, it also saves time — time that can be spent looking at cost savings and streamlining the business’s cash flow. This flawless integration saves time and money. We value them both.


Bento Virtual Cards and Receipt Capture

Bento’s virtual card is everything you need – more security, more speed, and more scalability. Making business spending management solutions easier, is what Bento’s all about. Issue, edit, and use virtual cards instantly. Your card information is stored securely in your account. View every transaction with every card you create in real-time. You determine who, when, and where transactions are made on each card individually. Manage both physical and virtual cards in one place, and with Receipt Capture, you no longer have to be worried about collecting receipts from your employees. Many employees work remotely and have limited or no occasion to visit the office. Receipt Capture allows your employees to upload receipts from their library or email them to you. With auto-match, all you have to do is take a picture of the receipt and Bento will auto-magically attach it to the correct transaction.


Bento Mobile App

Bento’s iOS and Android apps put the power of a full-featured expense management platform in your pocket. Bento gives you an up to minute picture of your cash flow right at your fingertips. Our mobile app makes it easy for administrators to manage card controls from anywhere so the user can see when, where, and how much they have to spend on each specific project. Users can quickly and easily attach receipts to their transactions. With AI enabled auto-match, users can either take a picture or upload a receipt from their phone and Bento will auto-match it! This is an on the go business spending management solution.


Being able to see every aspect of your business spending management solution in action is having control of your business. Control your budget and protect your company’s bottom line with Bento for Business today!