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How to Facilitate Small Business Expense Management

Are you trying to facilitate small business expense management? Bento for Business is here to help small businesses manage spending in order to have more time to focus on growing their company.

Running a successful company requires you to be able to make purchases when needed so that your company can meet deadlines. Using Bento cards, your employees can make the purchases needed in a timely manner without having to wait for approval. Whether it is education, prospective client lunch, or project based materials, Bento is helping small businesses manage spending in order to have more time to focus on growing their company.


Managing Budgets

The beauty of Bento for Business is the flexibility. Our spend and expense management tools work together to give you control and visibility into your business expenses. The core to control  is the Visa debit card that can be set to meet the needs of your business, and adjusted as needed. To further support small business expense management, we offer both physical and virtual cards, Bento Pay™ (an email-based payment system), and ACH payments, all of which sync with Quickbooks and other major accounting systems.


Bento Dashboard

Use your Bento Dashboard to see your savings. When an employee has to travel, you have the ability to turn on/off travel expenses. If traveling out of the country, turn on international use only when needed for added security. By using the Bento App you are able to capture all receipts, which are instantly integrated into your accounting system. Limit employee cards by using day of the week controls to eliminate non authorized uses. If the card is lost or stolen, you have the power to immediately turn it off from your computer or phone to avoid fraudulent use. This is the flexibility of Bento, the control is in your hands. No longer are you at the mercy of your employee and their decision to spend your money, you determine daily, weekly, or monthly limits with active days of the week and permitted merchant categories. Let Bento for Business help you facilitate small business expense management.


Bento’s Controls Save Time and Money

Bento is as versatile as you make it. This is the only system that gives you the freedom to develop each card, for each employee, based on their responsibilities and their needs. Bento’s expense management solution will help you analyze finances, manage cash flow, and identify working capital. Our real-time accounting and spend reporting ensures that you will be able to see the financial state of your business at a glance and improve your budget planning process. Bento helps you track the movement of cash in your business and provides decision makers and managers with better information for strategic planning. Develop budget and forecasts from accurate, up-to-minute visibility into your spend and expense metrics.


Let Bento consolidate your expense management so you can focus on your budget and company growth. Small business expense management is why clients choose Bento. Supercharge your business today with Bento! 


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