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Let Bento Help Your Manage Business Spending

Learning how to manage your business spending before and not after the fact is what Bento is all about.

Bento is an intuitive spend management platform designed to help you manage business spending. With every transaction seen in real-time, the control is in your hands. You choose how, when, and where your employees spend company funds, now, in real-time. Learning how to manage before and not after the fact is what Bento is all about.


Saving Time While You Manage Business Spending

No more waiting on approval workflows. Employees request funds, you look it over and reply, they adjust their proposal accordingly, present it again, you sign off. How much time do you think is wasted during routine business transactions such as these? With Bento virtual cards, you set customized controls unique to each and every card before issuing. Depending on the employee and the need they have to do their job, you determine ahead of time where they can use the card, what days of the week it can be used, and the spending limit is in place. You then see the transaction in real-time allowing you to manage business spending. The receipt is updated to the transaction automatically. No expense reports needed, no waiting on expense forms to be turned in, saving time to focus on the growth of your business. Bento makes financial closing a breeze.


Save In Effort When You Manage Business Spending

With AI-based capture receipt, there is no need to wait on receipts from your employees. With our Bento app, your employee can upload an image of the receipt immediately and send. No waiting, no lost receipts. With our efficient reporting tools your budget stays current, you know what you have at all times. All of your expense records/receipts are in one place. Automate expense reporting and export data into Quickbooks or other accounting services. Bento for Business is an all-inclusive spend management platform.


Save Money When You Manage Business Spending

Bento helps you track and prevent unnecessary spending. Set daily spending limits, restrict merchant categories, prevent international or online transactions, etc. Many business owners have switched to Bento for Business for this very reason. There are millions of dollars lost each year to company funds going toward personal purchases. To avoid the cost to you and the temptation to the employee, Bento has made it easy to adjust each card to specifics needed by that particular employee. If a card is lost or no longer in use, simply turn it off. Our platform makes us the premiere small business expense management solution, helping you manage business spending. Our average customer reduces spending by over 15% by switching from traditional business cards and cash to Bento.


Our passion for excellence in service and product innovation shines through in our customers’ reviews. Read for yourself about how Bento helps save time and money for thousands of happy customers. Small business spending management has never been easier.


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