Bento For Business

B2B Payments Making Business Simplified

Combine simplicity, enterprise-grade security and control to create the best way for businesses to pay other businesses. 

Look on the internet and you will find countless money apps, crm’s, and other programs to help with business these days. Many businesses are working remotely at this time and some plan to stay that way. With this shift in the way we are doing business, it can be easy to be overwhelmed with a whole new set of tools. With Bento for Business, we are helping you to combine simplicity, enterprise-grade security and control to create the best way for businesses to pay other businesses. 

How Does It Work 

Bento Pay™ lets you send payments right from your Bento account. There is no need to have your payees banking information because you are not sending the money to their financial institution. You are digitally sending a payment from your Bento account to them through their email address. Once they open their email, they then link the payment to the financial institution of their choice. They are not privy to your information, and you are not privy to theirs. It is the safest, most secure way to deliver money! 

How To Keep Track of my B2B Payments 

When using Bento Pay™, you are creating and tracking all your payments in the same place. B2B payments are entered into our integrated accounting system that is part of Bento for Business. You don’t have to record the information in your checking account, have someone from accounting add it to your expense report, so on, and so forth. Our system is integrated, which means it automatically applies the information where needed. You can do this from your office computer, your home computer, or on the go with our Bento app. 

Allowing or Restricting Access 

Access may be opened to any administrative team or individual to be able to send invoice payments or receive payments. You ultimately have control over who sends payments out and who does not. There may be situations where certain transactions need to be limited to certain admin only. You have the ability to change access to each individual payment if needed. It’s so simple, with a click you determine who has access to your finances and who does not. 

Smooth, Secure and Flexible 

Bento Pay™ is built directly into your account. It easily manages all your expenses in one place. All of this at your fingertips with Bento on the go mobile app, makes it even easier to manage your money. In real-time you can see when the payment is deducted from your Bento account and the transaction is completely integrated into your accounting services. It is great for Bento users because it works with any vendor, no matter their payment preference. No more writing checks or sharing card information with your vendors over the phone. This is the smoothest, most secure, flexible way of doing business today!